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Going Global Export Program

Eligible NSW businesses can apply for free support to expand to new international markets.


Participants will have access to:

  • online workshops, market intelligence briefings, cultural training
  • potential partner introductions and business matching
  • market visits programs, in-market assistance and logistical support
  • coaching from a dedicated Export Adviser from Investment NSW
  • access to the NSW Trade and Investment Commissioner in-market.

The Going Global Export Program requires participants to be actively engaged for 4-6 months.


Participants will gain: 

  • an understanding of market dynamics  
  • practical approaches for doing business in the target market
  • opportunities to identify and engage with new customers in the target market 
  • opportunities for networking with global businesses and entrepreneurs 
  • opportunities for global promotion
  • opportunities for peer interaction with the businesses in your cohort. 


NSW businesses who are looking to expand and diversify in their industry/sector and international market.

NSW businesses that are prepared to pitch to customers in their industry/sector and international market.

In-market business matching leading to client win (distribution agreement/sales).

Current streams

The Going Global Export Program is divided into targeted ‘streams’. Each stream is tailored to an industry/sector and international market.

The following streams are currently accepting applications from eligible NSW businesses.

Applications are open

Applications open soon

Stay tuned for more information.


You can only participate in one stream at a time. Before applying, please compare key dates, key event, eligibility criteria and curriculum for each stream carefully.

Past streams

Eligible NSW businesses received support to expand to new international markets through these past streams.

Health and Medtech streams
Cyber Security, Edtech, Fintech, Mining Equipment and Technology streams
Food and Beverage streams
Other streams

Success stories

Read transcript of the 'NSW Going Global Export Program - Tulloch Wines' video


new markets and exports manager for

tulloch wines I'm actually the fourth

generation in our family to be the

custodian of the family business my

father Jay whose third generation is

also involved along with my sister

Christina she's our CEO she's really

modernized it and grown it into the

really loved brand that it is today the

Going Global export programs have really

helped to guide me through the process


when you're just entering a new market

how do you make those connections and

how do you find the value in that market

I've really actually been Guided by the

New South Wales Going Global export

programs in terms of which markets to

Target as well I've participated in

their programs over the last two years

first off with the South Korea program

and I'm very happy to say that as a

result of that program we have

established a relationship with an

export partner in South Korea generally

speaking you know you kick off with the

team that's based in Australia from

investment New South Wales and then

after the first couple of calls where

you go through all of these introductory

information they then bring in the local

team that they've chosen to partner with

in country to really dig deep into the

laws the consumer preferences the

marketing they'll go into supermarkets

and show you around virtually to see

what other products in your category

they have available already in market so

you can do a bit of a competitor

analysis and then the kind of final

points of the program are always a

meeting either in person or a virtual

meet the buyer program where you really

have an opportunity to connect with some

Distributors and buyers in Market I'd

really like to see us grow into another

two or three new export markets in the

next kind of one to two years now is the

time to start going and visiting some of

these people that I've managed to

connect with through the programs in

person in their countries

Read transcript of the 'NSW Going Global Export Program - Supreme Poultry' video


I'm the export manager of supreme

poultry and chickens what sets us apart

from other poultry businesses is that we

produce the spent hens or the old egg

laying hens we are the largest producer

of spent hens in the country and we were

studying International markets and came

across the growing Global program and

thought it would be a great help for our

business the New South Wales Going

Global program has been a good study for

us to understand the potential markets

that we want to go into especially

Vietnam they've taught us about the

culture they've taught us about IP and

intellectual property the issues that we

may face when we go into Vietnam they've

helped to introduce us to a number of

customers in Vietnam and overall we've

got a much better understanding of the

market we're going into the next step is

to visit Vietnam which will take our

product there we know it's well accepted

in the Vietnamese Market here in

Australia the Going Global program has

been very helpful before we're in

opening doors overseas they've helped us

with networking opportunities and helped

to introduce us to potential customers





Read transcript of the 'NSW Going Global Program' video


[Dr Adrian Cohen, CEO and Founder - Headsafe]

So, the New South Wales Going Global Program, is a tremendous asset for companies like us that don't operate on the world stage, yet! 

But who want to know the main players that are out there, the cities to be in, the connections you need to make. 

[Sumuel Samhan, CFO - Digital Wellness]

So New South Wales Going Global Program, as a program helped us a lot, by opening a lot of doors, making a lot of introductions for us. 

[Ben Hancott, Director of Technology and Operations - HOTmaths]

The US is such a huge country, that it can seem quite overwhelming. So, to have that sort of insight and the contacts presented to you, to be able to know potentially where to establish your business and who to start talking to, I think is very important.

[Elizabeth Zetland, CEO - Spot Parking]

And so, getting that insight in the tax laws, in the employment laws, really just gives you that extra confidence to expand. 

[Colin Anson, CEO and Co-founder - Pixevety]

The different taxation laws, the different ways of funding your business, the different connections that you can have. I think the biggest issue I have is following up on all that opportunity. 

[Ben Hancott, Director of Technology and Operations - HOTmaths]

It actually answered questions that we needed to be answered. But also prompted questions that we didn't know we needed to ask. 

[David Jordan, CEO - Enteruptors]

It's very important to think about talking to New South Wales Global because you don't understand the opportunities that might be overseas. 

[Elizabeth Zetland, CEO - Spot Parking]

I would say apply, definitely, it's only upside. 

[Dr Adrian Cohen, CEO and Founder - Headsafe]

This type of program personifies all the best things that government do. Putting resources in our hands, making connections and fundamentally saving you time, saving you money and helping you in ways that you can't event imagine. Give it a go!


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Read transcript of the 'NSW Going Global Export Program - Coco & Lucas' Kitchen' video


ER I'm the co-founder of both

ingredients and I'm the co-founder and

CEO of Coco and Lucas kitchen our focus

on family is the secret child success in

just five years we've launched over

seven ranges and 42 products in nearly 1

000 Woolworths source for my last 30

years of working in any industry or the

food industry is all about relationships

so going global New South Wales has

helped me in building Partnerships and

relationships and trusts they have

actually helped us in terms of Ip

trainer food compliances

so they share a lot of information with

us how to succeed and get our export

ready to go to a country like China or

India so it does help us as an

entrepreneur to uh to actually innovate

the correct product for those countries

so one thing for example new thing

Frozen logistic in Australia is normal

in India Frozen logistic is very tricky

so we have to start developing products

in India for the ambience category and

in Japan sustainability is not the most

important it's more about based on

health and well-being and organic so

that was a surprise they will go out of

their way to help us you know give us

the answers we need if you're a company

that's looking at exporting I would

actually urge you to apply for the

program because in that seven months

I've actually learned a lot and it would

have saved me a lot of making the

mistakes if I want it my way

Read transcript of the 'NSW Going Global Export Program - Garlo's Pies' video


I'm the general manager at Gallows pies

so Gallo's pies were started in 2001 by

my father Sean his brother Nathan and

their father Terry having up a small pie

shop back in River Junction and they

opened up 13 more stores over the next

nine years of the hundreds or even

thousands of meat pie supplies or

bakeries in Australia were one of only

five that's approved to export meat what

that means is that we can share our

passion for Aussie pies with the world

there's a big step up from being a

domestic wholesaler and manufacturer to

an international exporter the New South

Wales Going Global program has helped us

work on our language and terminology

when dealing with larger accounts from

overseas when you're dealing with Japan

Taiwan and South Korea they all have

different ways of talking about moq's

lead times tariff quotas certificate of

Origins and it's stuff that we had to

learn in order to speak the right

language from the get-go one of the

biggest advantages of the New South

Wales Going Global program is the

networking with other exporters it is

really beneficial to talk to other

exporters about their techniques about

exporting overseas and having that

Network to bounce ideas off the best

advice that we've receive in the New

South Wales Going Global program is ask

what the customer wants it's very easy

to assume that because something works

in Australia that it's going to work in

Japan or what's going to work in Japan

is going to work in the Middle East so

it's really really important to ask what

the customer wants so you can get their

expectations from the outset


Read transcript of the 'AirPhysio goes global' video

Hi I’m Paul, CEO of AirPhysio.

With Going Global they’ve actually set up a number of interviews with people in the UAE looking at countries through the Middle East, so we’re currently in talks with about five different countries also for North Africa, Asia-Pacific sort of things. 

Some of the other things that we actually did was we also were in the Going Global for India. One of the things that is amazing with Going Global was they were able to help us with lawyers within India to then be able to actually identify things like HS codes and the right HS code can be the difference between paying 42.5 per cent duties and taxes for the actual distributor to knocking it down by 20 per cent so that they’re actually not paying as much and it makes it a lot more profitable for the distributor at the other end.

So the contacts that NSW Government and Going Global have actually offered is phenomenal. It’s stuff that we would have been struggling to find in terms of relationships to grow the next phases of the business and help to lay that out the way it is.

We’ve basically been able to take advantage of things like the 50 per cent rebate for up to $10,000.

Say for example for the export grant on expenses that we’d already spent on that we’re talking to other Going Global as well as NSW regional to take advantage of other opportunities and other grants and everything that we actually get through grants we reinject back into the business to help to develop it and grow other areas of it, to help to advance the actual business further on.

Well basically the situation is in the next two years it’s world domination.

So we’re hoping to be in every single country around the globe by other end who are purchasing the device.

At our rate, we probably will be very close to it. Part of our vision for AirPhysio is also to actually help people at the other end who are purchasing the device.

So people with asthma, COPD which is for emphysema, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis it’s actually helping to change their quality of life and the reviews which we’ve received from that have been phenomenal in relation to that.

So if we can actually help them and every person that we touch with a device.

We’re hoping to actually help to change their quality of life.

Read transcript of the ' Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef goes global' video

Macka’s Australian Black Angus Beef is a family beef operation.

Located on the east coast of New South Wales Australia, in some of the most prime farmland around.

For anyone that wants to step on that world stage and send their produce overseas and capture an amazing market, I suggest that you contact New South Wales Going Global.

Going Global for us has taken the guess work out of finding the right country to step into next and opening up doors that you would only ever dream of.

Going Global then also looks for the right customer, the customer that’s actually looking for the product that we produce, fresh, green and clean.

It started back in 1884 with my grandfather and my great, great aunties and we’re now in the fifth generation.

A lot has changed since those days, but I believe so much remains the same.

Our commitment to the land and our environment, our passion and dedication to our animals’ health and wellbeing, but also, our commitment to our customers to make sure that they’re getting quality product on time, every time.

Australian produce is a produce that does get copied, because our reputation is so good.

We felt the need for blockchain.

We felt the need for traceability.

So we work with a company called Aglive and we developed a QR code that is more than a QR code.

It’s a smart label.

It has a hidden inscription that once scanned, goes to the cloud-based database.

If it is unable to read the hidden inscription it’ll come back and tell the consumer this may not be authentic Australian product.

So together Macka’s, the Federal Government, the NSW Government and multiple organisations through Australia are committed to delivering a product that comes with the trust, the traceability and the providence that everyone’s looking for.

So in the last 10 years we’ve had a growth of 200 per cent.

We now have eight properties on that east-coast of New South Wales Australia.

We’re carrying 3,500 Angus breeders and our cattle go in the local domestic market and also on that international stage.

So together, Going Global and the State Government is actually delivering what producers like us are looking for, an easy path to trade.

Read transcript of the ' Brookfarm goes global' video

Hi I’m Will Brook, I’m a CEO of Brookfarm.

I’m a second generation of our family business up here in Byron Bay.

In terms of Going Global and Brookfarm and that program I guess what it really did was gave us the ability to be exposed to more imported distributors and more roots to market that we previously didn’t have access to and that’s opened up export opportunities for us particularly in the UAE and South Korea.

Some of the learnings that we got from the program were really about some of the data and opportunity within the countries that we were focusing on.

So we had specific countries that Brookfarm really hadn’t been in in any great significance but to really gain some of the data and gain more insights into those markets and a few others as well was really key for us.

Now growing from our Australian beginnings to export to New Zealand to China to South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, the Pacific Islands and I guess the list goes on.

So the start of Brookfarm was really all about that macadamia  and creating products that really showcase the macadamia and that started with the toasted muesli the natural muesli, the gluten-free muesli.

I guess going further from there one of the key concepts of Brookfarm is we have to make delicious food first.

That is our number one thing for the products that we make.

So no matter if it’s gluten-free, it’s keto, paleo, whatever it might be, it has to taste great first.

The next five years for Brookfarm will hopefully be extremely exciting as we see the other side of COVID and those types of things we’ve got potential markets that are essentially untapped that we have the opportunity to grow in but otherwise export growth is so significant for us and we can really see ourselves as a global business and a global brand in the next five years.

Read transcript of the 'Rotacaster goes global' video

Our involvement in Going Global has only been more recent but already out of that we’ve seen some great opportunity.

At the moment there’s been three key activities we’ve undertaken with Going Global.

The first being a trade show in China for the MedTech area.

The second thing has been the ecommerce learning program, their presenter is extraordinarily knowledgeable in ecommerce and while we thought we knew a reasonable amount it’s amazing how little we knew.

So that’s been absolutely invaluable to us and we’re continuing to do that program with them.

The other was a recent webinar.

Going Global had organised 64 potential customers and we’re able to have our distributor present to those potential customers in Mandarin.

I think often we underestimate the impact of that especially when it’s about technical product.

So that’s been fantastic and our distributor in China has already received two enquiries out of that webinar.

So it’s been enormously invaluable for us.

The depth of knowledge and the information they present is just fantastic and I don’t know that you’d get exposure to that really anywhere else.

So we can highly recommend it to anyone thinking to go global.

The Rotacaster story really starts back in the seventies with a gentleman by the name of Henry Guile and his son Graham.

They worked on the wheel Henry was quite a religious man and got his inspiration from the passage of Ezekiel out of the bible where there was reference to wheels within a wheel.

But unfortunately Henry passed away before he really saw the wheel commercialised.

Graham persisted for some time and finally came up with the way we make our 125-millimetre wheel today.

Since that time we’ve also patented two other different methods of manufacture and we have now five sizes of wheel.

For some years now we’ve been building our own Rotatruck which is a patented self-supported hand trolley used by a lot of the national retailers and wholesalers.

More recently we’ve started to get involved in more value-added end of the equation with conveyer-sortation equipment and also some consumer goods which is getting quite exciting.

So while it’s been a long journey and fairly slow growth over the last fifteen years, we’ve really seen an upswing in the last twelve months despite COVID and we think with a bit of luck we might be a fifteen-year-old overnight success.

Contact us

Contact the Investment NSW Concierge through the webform.