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Health and Medtech to the Middle East

Eligible businesses can apply for free support to export healthcare, digital health, medical and pharmaceutical products or services to the Middle East. Applications have closed.

Program dates

September 2022 to March 2023

Key event

Arab Health 2023External Link (30 January to 2 February 2023) 

Why this market

The Middle East healthcare market is forecast to expand to AU$408 billion by 2026 with a compound annual growth rate of 3.2%. Spending on medical devices, digital health and pharmaceuticals is responsible for much of this growth. 

The growing demand for health and medtech in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, is driven by universal healthcare implementation efforts, a growing population and increasing urbanisation. 


Introduction and business culture training 

  • Welcome
  • Business culture training

Market intelligence briefing

  • Sub-sector specific briefing (healthcare service, medical device, digital health and pharmaceutical) 
  • Target customers, competitor landscapes and business model 
  • Regulatory requirements 

Pitch training and pitch development 

  • Pitch training 
  • Pitch deck development 

Potential partner search and introductions 

  • Participation at Arab Health (30 January to 2 February 2023) 
  • Potential partner search and introductions

Exporting workshops (Optional) 

  • Advanced exporter training 
  • Intellectual property protection 
  • Trademarks and designs 
  • Patents 
  • Freight, logistics, and compliance 

Program debrief, ongoing advice and follow up

  • Ongoing support provided by a dedicated NSW Government Export Adviser 

Note: The curriculum is subject to change. 

Participation requirements and success factors

Eligibility for the overall Program

  • Have headquarters in NSW
  • Have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) registered for NSW 
  • Be export-capable and export-ready 
  • Have an employee number between 3 and 199 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees 
  • Produce the product or service primarily in NSW under your own brand (this program is not for aggregators, traders or businesses who sell services to exporters)
  • Be selling the product or service already
  • Have a website featuring the product or service
  • Be prepared to adapt the product or service for the new market
  • Be flexible regarding market-entry method
  • Have resources to support marketing and development for a new market
  • Be willing to travel to the selected market and/or Sydney for events (where and when travel is permitted) and must cover own travel expenses

The ideal participant 

  • NSW healthcare service providers 
  • NSW medical device manufacturers, including medical and diagnostic equipment 
  • NSW digital health companies, including AI, mobile applications and software 
  • NSW pharma manufacturers, including unique and innovative vitamin dietary supplements 

Businesses not eligible for this stream

  • Animal health and medical equipment 
  • Past NSW Going Global Export Program “UAE and Middle East” participants 

How to apply

Applications have now closed.

Note:  Apply for your preferred market - you can apply for and participate in only one stream.

Success story

Read transcript of the 'AirPhysio goes global' video

Hi I’m Paul, CEO of AirPhysio.

With Going Global they’ve actually set up a number of interviews with people in the UAE looking at countries through the Middle East, so we’re currently in talks with about five different countries also for North Africa, Asia-Pacific sort of things. 

Some of the other things that we actually did was we also were in the Going Global for India. One of the things that is amazing with Going Global was they were able to help us with lawyers within India to then be able to actually identify things like HS codes and the right HS code can be the difference between paying 42.5 per cent duties and taxes for the actual distributor to knocking it down by 20 per cent so that they’re actually not paying as much and it makes it a lot more profitable for the distributor at the other end.

So the contacts that NSW Government and Going Global have actually offered is phenomenal. It’s stuff that we would have been struggling to find in terms of relationships to grow the next phases of the business and help to lay that out the way it is.

We’ve basically been able to take advantage of things like the 50 per cent rebate for up to $10,000.

Say for example for the export grant on expenses that we’d already spent on that we’re talking to other Going Global as well as NSW regional to take advantage of other opportunities and other grants and everything that we actually get through grants we reinject back into the business to help to develop it and grow other areas of it, to help to advance the actual business further on.

Well basically the situation is in the next two years it’s world domination.

So we’re hoping to be in every single country around the globe by other end who are purchasing the device.

At our rate, we probably will be very close to it. Part of our vision for AirPhysio is also to actually help people at the other end who are purchasing the device.

So people with asthma, COPD which is for emphysema, chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis it’s actually helping to change their quality of life and the reviews which we’ve received from that have been phenomenal in relation to that.

So if we can actually help them and every person that we touch with a device.

We’re hoping to actually help to change their quality of life.