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Technology in NSW

NSW has a well-established yet highly innovative ecosystem. Our people and places make us one of the world’s best locations for technology companies. 

NSW is a technology leader in the Asia-Pacific

Home to 60% of Australia’s fintech startups

Tech workforce of 331,516, increasing from 314,000 in 2020

Sydney is the 7th top digital city in the world based on connectivity, services, culture and sustainability. 

Sydney has the southern hemisphere’s top ranked global startup ecosystem

Three Sydney universities in the top 100 Computer Science and Information Systems subject rankings


It’s no surprise most of the nation’s fintechs are based in Sydney, Australia’s financial capital.
cyber security
NSW is a leader in cyber security and now is the time to establish and grow your cyber businesses in NSW.
NSW is Australia’s leading screen production state for feature films and TV dramas, and home to a growing gaming sector.
Quantum is an emerging sector in NSW, where quantum startups spun out from universities are attracting capital.
Close to 90% of Australian businesses use AI technology and almost half of AI businesses in Australia are in NSW.
Blockchain and web3 are emerging technologies within the Australian ecosystem, rich in digital assets and infrastructure
Enterprise applications and online platforms is a fast-growing sector in New South Wales, enabling and facilitating operations and interactions between consumers and businesses.

Harnessing emerging digital technologies

Emerging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, robotics and automation have extraordinary potential to change our lives for the better. We are committed to harnessing the power of new digital technologies to lift NSW’s global competitiveness, create new industries, and increase our productivity. Find out more:

Emerging Digital Technologies StrategyDownload File  (PDF) 2.8 MB

Supporting your move to New South Wales

Investment NSW can connect you with a range of services and incentives available to businesses looking to grow.

Grants, rebates, programs and incentives

Investment NSW offers bespoke services to businesses looking to build a presence within NSW.

The team at Investment NSW provides tailored advice on grants, rebates , programs and other incentives your business may be eligible for.

Site identification and development

Whether you need a high-tech lab, an advanced manufacturing facility connected to a university or a greenfield site in regional NSW, we can assist.

We can work with you to establish a presence in a precinct or collaboration area suited to your needs.

In collaboration with the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, we provide services to help you find the right accommodation:

  • determining the type of accommodation to best meet your businesses requirements
  • advice and support regarding opportunities available on Government land (both long and short term)
  • support navigating the planning process.
Market insights

We can provide tailored information and data, including local market insights, on our priority sectors.

Connections and introductions

We can introduce you to stakeholders who can support your growth objectives. This may include connecting you to:

  • corporate partners
  • business chambers
  • industry associations
  • technology precincts
  • research institutes
  • government agencies.
Familiarisation visits

We offer curated introductions and virtual visit programs to help you identify local partners, distributors, industry stakeholders and service providers.

Asia-Pacific growth advice

Once you have established here, a wide range of services and programs are available to use NSW as a springboard into Asia. We can help you identify opportunities to expand in the region.

Visa and Skilled Migration support

Our Business & Skilled Migration Program is highly supportive of NSW’s growing tech industries and precincts. The program attracts new and emerging digital technology capabilities and skills, provides visa and migration advice to businesses, and nominates high potential migration candidates to live and work in NSW.

These initiatives have spurred the growth of digital technology businesses across the state and are available to all organisations considering investment opportunities in NSW.

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Last updated: 30 March 2023