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Upcoming work

We undertake research projects to inform our advice to NSW Government. Our reports cover complex economic, environmental, and social challenges and provide evidence-based advice to drive innovation and economic opportunity in New South Wales.  

Upcoming research and publications include: 

  • NSW Remote Working Insights Series - providing evidence on how COVID-19 has changed working patterns across New South Wales and the economic implications for NSW workers, businesses and policymakers. 
  • Global Talent Flows - exploring how New South Wales can attract and retain global talent and learn from successful international approaches.
  • Adaptive Workforce - identifying long-term policy directions for New South Wales to meet the challenges and grasp the opportunities of the future of work, with a focus on resilience, adaptation and lifelong learning.
  • Place-Based Innovations Series - researching place-based topics to support successful clustering and innovation precincts in New South Wales, including the benefits of clustering for different industries; the qualities successful anchor tenants and local champions bring to a place; and workforce development programs that enhance local entrepreneurial and business knowledge and skills. 
  • Innovation and Productivity Scorecard 2021 - providing a snapshot of New South Wales’ innovation and productivity performance compared to other states and selected international economies. 

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