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Tech Central Scaleup Hub

Fuelling the growth of scaling Australian and international technology companies that are developing novel solutions to pressing global problems.


Home to our brightest minds and most innovative institutions, the Tech Central precinct is a collection of six neighbourhoods anchored around Central Station in Sydney's CBD.

Together they form one of the densest and most vibrant innovation corridors in Australia. Tech Central is where people can come together to innovate, disrupt, collaborate, exchange ideas, and explore new markets.

Tech Central will provide up to 250,000 square metres of space for technology companies, including 25,000 square metres at affordable rates for startups and scaleups, in a connected location brimming with heritage, culture and activity.

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The Landmark

Innovation platform in the heart of tech Central

which allows our participants to collaborate spark new

ideas and explore new markets The Hub

offers 8,000 square meters of affordable space for programming and

support services Sox really proud to

be the chosen partner for investment New South Wales and

protect Central to to build and curate

the community here at the scale up.

We'd like to thank our foundation Partners Stone and chalk

and we look forward to Growing our next generation of techstar together.

Supporting a dense community of scaling technology businesses

The Tech Central Scaleup Hub is conveniently situated in the Tech Central district - is a cluster of six neighbourhoods anchored around Sydney’s Central station. Together these neighbourhoods form one of the densest and most vibrant innovation corridors in Australia.

The Scaleup Hub provides an environment that is conducive to innovation and collaboration, supports the free flow and interchange of ideas, promotes disruption, and facilitates networking and access to new markets.


Located at 477 Pitt Street, the Tech Central Scaleup Hub is a home for digital and emerging technology scaleups and high-growth innovation businesses.

With 8,000 square metres spread over six floors, the Scaleup Hub is a major step towards the NSW Government’s commitment to deliver 25,000 square meters of affordable space for startups, scaleups and other innovation business in the Tech Central district.

The Scaleup Hub provides private office suites and access to unique community, collaborative and event spaces.

The Operator - Stone & Chalk

The Tech Central Scaleup Hub is operated by Stone & ChalkExternal Link.

Stone & Chalk partners with experts, universities, investors, mentors, corporates and government organisations to bring the best of what is available externally to complement its own internal capabilities in meeting the growth needs of scaleups.

Benefits of being a resident

You will become part of a community invested in doing whatever it takes to grow the next generation of successful global technology businesses.

Companies at the Tech Central Scaleup Hub are making an economic and social impact and securing the future of all Australians by building on the capability, supply chains and jobs to unlock the talent that exists across the nation. 

As a resident of the Tech Central Scaleup Hub you will:

  • access commercial opportunities as a part of a connected scaleup community
  • receive investor introductions and attend valuable networking events
  • have room to grow, with space for over 60 scaleups across six floors
  • access global opportunities and receive PR exposure.

Visit Stone & ChalkExternal Link now for a chance to secure your membership in the highly sought-after Tech Central Scaleup Hub.

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