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We can help establish or grow your business in NSW, or to export products from NSW to customers in Japan and Korea.

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Tokyo, Japan office


Investment NSW, North Asia Office
9F Kyobashi Trust Tower, 
2-1-3 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0031

Seoul, Republic of Korea office


Australian Trade and Investment Commission
Australian Embassy
18th Floor Kyobo Building
1 Jongro, Jongno-Gu
Seoul 03154
Republic of Korea

Key facts

In 2021-22, Japan ranked 2nd largest source of foreign direct for NSW investment, at $33.2 billion. Korea ranked 4th valued at $15.1 billion.

Japan and Korea are home to large, affluent consumer markets seeking high-quality consumer goods and services NSW offers (food and beverage, consumer products, education).

The Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement is one of Australia’s most comprehensive trade agreements, offering improved market access and enhanced protection for NSW businesses in the Korean market. 


Grow in NSW 

  • NSW offers a safe and reliable destination for investment.  The NSW economy is the largest in Australia and it has been a driver of Australia’s economic growth for decades.  
  • NSW’s deep-water ports, high voltage transmission capacity and renewable energy endowments provide one of the few locations across the Indo Pacific for [Japanese and Korean] investors to develop some of the first large scale hydrogen/ammonia production facilities to help meet their industrial transition needs into the 2030s and beyond.
  • NSW’s critical mineral projects from upstream to downstream, including material processing and local battery industry, offer investment opportunities to support an expected growth in demand [out of North Asia].

Export opportunities from NSW 

  • A strong [North Asia] consumer market for premium food and beverage continues to drive demand for NSW’s clean and green, quality produce.
  • As a trusted and like-minded partner, NSW provides a safe and secure market for increased engagement in emerging technologies including cyber security, medtech and clinical trials.


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Last updated 12 July 2023