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International Landing Pad FAQs

Where is the International Landing Pad located?

The International Landing Pad is located within the Sydney Startup Hub, 11 York Street – in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

The Sydney Startup Hub provides 17,000 square metres of affordable space, across 11 floors to tech startups and is the highest density startup space in the Southern Hemisphere.

How many desks will be allocated to my company?

Each company will be assigned up to three desks depending on availability.

How long can my company stay in the ILP?

Four months.

Will I have 24-hour access to the ILP during my stay?

No. The operating hours for the ILP is 8:00am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Can the length of stay be extended under any conditions?

Companies that obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN) within the first four months may request to extend their stay at the ILP by a further two months to a maximum occupancy period of six months.

Decisions around an extension are at the discretion of Department of Enterprise Investment and Trade.

Will assistance be provided to enable me to obtain a visa if my application is successful?

Visa assistance will not be provided. You are responsible for obtaining appropriate visas for your representatives. Visit the Home Affairs websiteExternal Link  for information about visas to Australia.

Can I apply if my company is yet to generate any revenue?

Companies that are pre-revenue can apply:

  • if the founder is a refugee or migrant in Australia
  • if the company is founded by an NSW university alumni
  • if you are working in a new technology area
  • if you have raised funding for your international expansion
What is meant by “Headquartered overseas”?

Your business is founded and legally registered in a country outside of Australia.

Can I apply if I have expanded to another state in Australia from overseas but looking to start operations in NSW?


Can I apply to the ILP if I have raised capital for my international expansion but have less than five non-founder Full Time Employees?

Yes, however you should provide relevant justification to support your application such as a business plan or roadmap for your expansion plans and evidence of your capital raise.

Can I apply if my company is not working in tech?


Are there any specific costs to be incurred if accepted into the ILP?

You are to make provision for your own devices such as computers, monitors, adaptors, and stationery.

Each company in the ILP will be required to host one community event and cover associated catering cost.

Do I have to give up some equity in my business?

No. The purpose of the ILP is to support overseas businesses to launch their Australian ventures in NSW. The NSW Government and its employees will not ask for any equity in your business.

Will I be able to access NSW grants and funding as an overseas business?

Businesses in the ILP can apply for Government grants and programs that are available to the ecosystem.

Will there be a team on ground to support my company to connect to the ecosystem?

Daily operational support is currently not being provided in the ILP. However, direct introductions to relevant networks will be made and community events will be organised to facilitate networking with the NSW innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Residents of the ILP will have access to training programs and information sessions that are delivered on a regular basis in the hub.

What is meant by sales revenue generated within the last three years prior to the lodgement of my application?

Sales revenue is the total revenue your business has generated from sale of its products and services. It is not the company’s profit.

How to apply?

If you are interested in scaling your business into Australia and would like to take advantage of the free desks in the ILP, please apply hereExternal Link .

When do applications close?

Applications are assessed on an ongoing basis. Successful applicants will be put on a waitlist if the ILP is filled up at any given time.

How can I check the status of my application?

You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your application within 10 business days if we have received all mandatory and necessary information. Any requests for clarification or missing information will result in a delay in the assessment of your application.

No early indication of likely success of an application can be provided to you. You will be advised of the outcome in due course.

Can the application be amended after submission?

If there are any changes in your circumstances or if you found errors in your application after submitting, you should contact the Department immediately on [email protected] . Please include your full name and company name as it appears in your application and a brief explanation.

Any changes or amendments to your application or documentation may require an additional 10 business days before you will be notified of the outcome.

I don’t have all the mandatory documents at the time of submission. Can I submit my application?

No. The required documents must be provided at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be assessed.

Make sure you have all the required documents before you start your application.

There is a technical issue with the application portal, what do I do?

If a technical error occurs, please quote your full name and company name when contacting staff at the Department via:

Phone: +61 (0)2 4908 4800

Email:  [email protected] 

Can I obtain feedback on my application if it is unsuccessful?

Yes. Feedback is provided to all unsuccessful applicants outlining where the applicant did not meet the eligibility or assessment criteria.