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Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program

Developing workers’ digital capabilities in targeted NSW industries.

About the Program

The Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program consists of two pilots that will deliver a holistic approach to the adoption of advanced technologies.

The first will target existing workers to help them build on their current digital skills, with the second engaging new workers and upskilling mid-career workers with no existing digital skills.

The first 12-week program will be delivered by industry experts via a series of online workshops and industry and research collaboration events. Workers will develop skills in industry 4.0, project life cycle management processes, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), coaching and mentoring. 

Developed by Investment NSW and Training Services NSWExternal Link, this Program includes:

* Note: As Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the only approved Smart and
Skilled provider of the Diploma of Applied Technologies (22460VIC) in NSW,
Skills Lab will deliver 3 accredited units. These could be used towards a more comprehensive accreditation. Refer to the brochure for more information. 

About this opportunity

The NSW Government is committed to harnessing and ensuring NSW continues leading the way in developing and using ground-breaking technology and driving world-leading technical and commercial innovation.

NSW is at the heart of Australia’s innovation ecosystem. We lead the country in developing advanced manufacturing, financial services technology, high-tech agricultural products and services, ICT and medical devices. Wi-Fi, pacemakers, Google Maps, ‘black box’ flight recorders and cochlear implant ‘bionic ears’ which were all invented in NSW or by people educated here.

Benefits of improving digital skills in NSW

As businesses across our economy shift towards an industry 4.0 focus, there is a growing need for workers to develop greater digital skills to effectively work alongside new and emerging technology.

Digital skills are important across a wide variety of roles in every major industry in NSW, particularly in the high-growth industries of defence, advanced manufacturing, and medical technology.

With COVID-19 rapidly accelerating the adoption of new technologies by both businesses and consumers in these industries, it’s essential our workforces are equipped with up-to-date technological skills.

There is a need to bridge the skills gap during this time of digital transformation to support your workforce in remaining efficient and successful in an evolving digital working environment.

Training and upskilling workers mid-career can facilitate an easier transition into emerging roles that require new skills, by supporting workers to understand digital transformation – its benefits, and how it will drive productivity.

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If you would like to know more about this Program, please contact Investment NSW