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Sydney, located in the state of New South Wales, is Australia’s business capital, largest city and number one investment destination.


Why invest in New South Wales

of Sydney's population is aged between 20 and 44

of Australian fintech startups are based in NSW.

Renewable Energy Zones to boost clean energy capacity

A third of our population was born overseas

different languages spoken

Half of all NSW workers are tertiary qualified

public universities with 2 in the world's top 100

exporting ports

A gateway to the Asia-Pacific

New South Wales (NSW) is the perfect place for businesses looking to expand in Australia and the Asia-Pacific. Just ask any of the 600 global businesses who already have their Australian headquarters in our state. 

We are the best performing economy in Australia and home to Sydney, its financial centre. Our economic and political landscape is stable and secure.  Accounting for more than half of Australia’s economic growth, the state’s economy is larger than the individual economies of Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. 

Our workforce is highly skilled and diverse

We have the largest population in Australia. More than two-thirds of our residents have post-school qualifications and more than a third of Sydney’s workforce holds a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Our 8 million people are also diverse. While English is by far the most widely spoken language,  almost a third of our population speaks a second language. There are 275 languages spoken in New South Wales.

Australia has the fourth highest proportion of highly educated immigrants in the OECD and ranked 11 out of 134 countries in the 2021 Global Talent Competitiveness Index. 

A unique blend of infrastructure

Our infrastructure offers a wealth of opportunity across the supply chain. We are home to:

  • 11 public universities, with 2 ranked in the world’s top 100 
  • 2 deep water ports  
  • an international airport servicing more than a third of international flights 
  • Australia’s busiest domestic airport 
  • the largest industrial base in Australia 
  • Australia’s highest energy load. 

An ideal base for your business

There are a myriad of reasons to invest in New South Wales. It's not only the country's most populated state, but also Australia's best economic performer.

Located on the Australia's east coast, New South Wales is perfectly positioned as a gateway to the Asia Pacific region, and a prime destination for investors with an eye on its burgeoning economies. 

The state's capital is Sydney, a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis. Sydney is Australia’s business capital, largest city and number one investment destination.


By establishing your business in regional New South Wales you can leverage an economically and environmentally diverse area than can easily connect to elsewhere in Australia and the Asia Pacific.
By establishing or expanding your business in Sydney and New South Wales (NSW), you’re tapping into the strength of Australia’s most prominent global city: one that’s backed by the country’s best performing, most diverse economy.
When you invest in Sydney and New South Wales you’ll gain access to Australia's highest concentration of knowledge and support to help make your innovation or technology a commercial success.
New South Wales offers employers Australia’s largest, most skilled workforce, with the talent to launch or expand your business.
Looking to invest or move your business to New South Wales? We can help you succeed.
With government spending on infrastructure projects at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to invest in Sydney and New South Wales.

Image of fruit picker, Sydney harbor and infrastructure courtesy of Destination NSW

Positioned to grow

We’re also investing in the infrastructure needed to help businesses continue growing and make NSW more liveable by:

  • building a second international airport 
  • committing to net zero emissions by 2050 
  • strengthening road and rail networks 
  • building an integrated health precinct. 

Connecting businesses with investment

Investment NSW provides businesses with free:

  • market intelligence  
  • advice on NSW Government programs and approval processes 
  • connections with government and local business contacts 
  • support for business case development 
  • identification of investment locations and potential partners 
  • facilitation of familiarisation visits.  

If you want to learn more about how NSW can help your business grow, and personalised support, please contact Investment NSW.