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There has never been a better time to establish your space business in NSW.

Space to grow

The Australian Space AgencyExternal Link aims to triple the national space economy from AU$4 billion to AU$12 billion and create 20,000 jobs by 2030.

NSW is best placed, economically, politically and geographically, to maximise the benefits to business from this new space era. 

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NSW Space Industry Capabilities

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For thousands of years, Indigenous Australians have used the sun, the moon and the stars to navigate across the land and predict changes in the seasons.

Today the sky is more accessible than ever before, and this will change the way we live forever.

When NASA first put humans on the moon Australia was there to broadcast that one small step to the world.

Since then, Sydney, New South Wales has taken some giant leaps to grow the space ecosystem.

NSW is home to: 

  • 41% of Australia's space businesses
  • 30% of the space industry workforce
  • 40% of the Australian ground station operators

NSW has the broadest and deepest space capabilities in Australia:

  • research and development
  • robotics
  • satellite sub-systems
  • space medicine and biology.

Commercialise your technology (University of Technology Sydney Tech Lab).

Build your business (The National Space Industry Hub: Cicada Innovations).

Democratise space access (Saber Astronautics).

Reach your orbit (Space Machines Company).

Uncover insights (Spiral Blue).

Work with the world's best (UNSW: Australia Centre for Space Engineering Research).

Take a ride to space (CUAVA - NSW Space Qualification Mission). 

We're just getting started.

NSW. Space to grow. 

Key facts

NSW is the leading Australian state for space capabilities and activities:

50% of Australia's space export revenue is generated by NSW organisations. 

41% of all Australian space businesses are based in NSW. 

Organisations with headquarters in NSW generate up to 75% of Australia's space-related revenue. 

NSW is the leading state for space innovation and entrepreneurship, with 38% of all Australian space start-ups based in NSW. 

NSW is a leader in space education and training with 31% of Australian university departments active in space based in the state. Around 30% of people involved in space activities are based in NSW, the largest percentage of any state. 

Our capabilities

NSW has the broadest and deepest space capabilities in Australia, including:  

  • advanced manufacturing
  • robotics
  • high-tech instrumentation
  • smart payloads development
  • space situational awareness
  • satellite systems
  • space medicine and biology
  • commercialisation of space data. 

NSW is also home to the largest base of space technology customers in Australia. There are opportunities for businesses to expand their service offerings across a range of industry sectors including agriculture, defence and finance.

Tap into a collaborative and growing local space sector

The NSW Government supports the growing NSW space ecosystem through 4 key initiatives.

Physical space, resources, mentoring, and connections for emerging space ventures and researchers in Australia.
Launching Australia’s 1st ride-share satellite.
Supporting industry and research collaboration to solve valuable industry problems via the commercialisation of space-related technologies.
Enhancing space industry capability through collaboration between the NSW Government and universities.

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