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NSW's Clean Economy

The ‘Race to Zero’ is on and there is no better time to capitalise on the opportunity to establish and grow your business in Sydney and New South Wales.

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New South Wales is Australia’s Clean Economy Capital

Australia’s largest economy, with a AAA credit rating and worth half-a-trillion dollars, similar to Singapore and Hong Kong

NSW now has approximately 13,500 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy generation capacity, which is around 53% of total generation capacity in our state

Four major exporting ports and integrated infrastructure supporting emerging technologies, including hydrogen and offshore wind generation

Australia’s largest heavy industrial workforce

Abundance of sun all year and wind energy sites with consistently high average wind speeds

Six of the world’s top-200 universities and over 160,000 STEM graduates, the most in Australia

Our natural resources, integrated infrastructure, skills pipeline, research expertise and supportive policies make NSW one of the best places in the world for renewable energy and clean tech businesses looking to expand in the Asia Pacific.

Hear industry leaders from ANZ, NSW Ports, Australian Strategic Materials (ASM), UNSW and Octopus Investments Australia explain why NSW is primed to become a renewable energy and clean technology global powerhouse.

NSW: Australia’s Net Zero and Clean Economy Capital
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Katie Knight: Interim CEO, Investment NSW New South Wales is in a prime position to become a renewable energy and green technology powerhouse. The net zero economy offers investors a range of opportunities across a number of sectors. We've got the resources, the infrastructure, the skills, and the whole of government programs and strategies that are needed to support our investors in the clean tech economy here in New South Wales.

Katharine Tapley: Head of Sustainable Finance, ANZ I'm really excited about the vibrancy of the community here in New South Wales around net zero, whether it's the corporates, whether it's the finance sector. Obviously, New South Wales as a government is heavily invested. We know that a third of output in Australia comes from the state of New South Wales, so that obviously creates a very thriving center for doing business.

Marika Calfas: CEO, NSW Ports Our ports are critical nodes in the supply chains for New South Wales. They're very well connected geographically, and we have excellent connections, road, rail, and pipeline. Our ports are currently handling cargo's relevant to the green energy transition, but there's opportunities for so much more in the space of hydrogen, onshore and offshore wind, and critical minerals.

Rowena Smith: CEO, Australian Strategic Materials We need to have access to renewable energy for us to be able to produce our materials into the global market at net zero. So for us to be having access to the renewable energy zones that the New South Wales government has been supporting is critical. Our Dubbo Project is going to be developing the rare earth materials that are needed for wind turbines, electric vehicles, and a lot of the advanced technologies that are needed for renewable energy. New South Wales has got a wonderful resource endowment. The opportunity for us is to not just mine that material but actually add value all the way down the supply chain.

Deo Prasad: CEO, NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub/Scientia New South Wales is very well placed globally to be a destination for commercialisation of clean energy technologies. We have the supply chains, we have the skill base, and we have the infrastructure. But at the same time, New South Wales has taken the lead in terms of getting the policy settings right that give you certainty Page 2 of 2 and security. New South Wales have the capacity to create new engineers who come well skilled. That will allow us to help companies who establish here with the skill base.

Sam Reynolds: Managing Director, Octopus Australia We've got land-constrained Asian neighbours just off our doorstep, all energy short. I think hydrogen is going to be a key strategy for New South Wales, and I think New South Wales can create itself as a energy superpower. I'm sure with the New South Wales government backing it, it can do that. Seek out Investment New South Wales. There's some great resources and systems that they can help you get on the ground to support your team, to support where your office is, support which government programs you need to tap into.

Katie Knight: Interim CEO, Investment NSW It's not just about serving our needs here in New South Wales, it's about exporting our skills, our resources to meet the global demand for the race to net zero. We've got a complete package for investors across the net zero economy, so we're inviting you all to come grow with us

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NSW's clean energy and clean technology landscape

NSW’s clean energy and clean technology landscape. Over 18,000 ha in total size across the six
Special Activation Precincts – dedicated areas in
regional locations primed and ready to become
thriving business hubs.


Renewable energy and clean technology opportunities in NSW
Building on NSW’s nation-leading Hydrogen Strategy, Investment NSW has released a Hydrogen Investment Prospectus which highlights the world-class investment opportunities available across the green hydrogen supply chain.
This plan is the foundation for NSW’s action on climate change and goal to reach net zero emissions by 2050. It outlines the NSW Government’s plan to protect our future by growing the economy, creating jobs and reducing emissions over the next decade.

Case study: Neoen lights up NSW by harnessing solar power

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the only one is a French renewable
energy producer it's been created in
2008 in France noon's mission is to
deliver reliable sustainable and
competitive electricity across the globe
and we do that by developing building
financing and operating large-scale
renewable energy assets like solar Farms
wind farms and storage systems now in
Australia has been based in Sydney since
2013 we now have 45 people working
across all four states we've been
developing more than 11 projects in
Australia half of them being located in
New South Wales no one owns and operates
the largest solar photovoltaic facility
in New South Wales and in Australia
which is the Korean Valley solar farm
the business environment in Sydney was
very welcoming when we started to
investigate where we could locate our
activity in 2012 with the access to new
social resources and lands was very easy
the connection infrastructure in New
South Wales was critical to our
development and the transmission Network
operators and distribution networks
operator helped us getting our solar
Farms connected to the network in very
good conditions and I've really been
able to witness the efficiency of the
new socials Department of industry in
the way they supported us all along our
adventure in Australia the accuracy of
their follow-ups the supportive approach
that they had every step of the way that
really made a difference and really
helped us being so successful in

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The French company has grown into a world-class provider of clean energy, less than 10 years since it was established. It owns and operates solar and wind farms across 15 countries and has developed the world’s largest lithium–ion battery.

Clean energy producer Neoen became an early leader when it decided to build solar power plants in New South Wales (NSW) in 2012. Seven years and $500 million in investments later, the company has successfully built five solar farms in the state—one of which is the largest ever constructed in Australia.

Before coming to Australia in 2012, Neoen had been looking to expand beyond Europe and considered several countries. It decided that Australia offered the most potential because of the country’s attractive renewable energy environment, according to Franck Woitiez, Managing Director of Neoen Australia. “Australia is home to an abundance of resources that we need—wind and sunlight,” says Woitiez. “It also has a large infrastructure network, which meant that we could seamlessly connect our projects to the grid.” Woitiez’s team visited every major Australian city to identify where the company could best develop its business through a network of partners. “We then started looking for a location for solar farms, and we thought NSW was the state where we had the most potential for success in greenfield solar projects,” says Woitiez. “So we decided to set up our office in Sydney.”


Case study: Australia’s first lithium-ion battery manufacturer

Energy Renaissance produces climate-optimised lithium-ion batteries for utility and commercial users at their advanced manufacturing facility near Newcastle in NSW.

View case study details

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