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Australia's largest technology and innovation hub will provide 250,000 square metres of space for technology companies and affordable rates for startups and scaleups.


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Today is a very exciting day not just for Sydney and New South Wales but for Australia to be able to partner with Atlassian in having their signature head office right here at what will be Tech Central is a wonderful coup for our state we think that city is essentially one of these tech hubs of the world and we're really proud to be the anchor tenant here the precinct will be a place where people can come to build the world's best technology from all over Sydney but hopefully from all over Australia and from all over the world tech central house more than 25,000 high technology workers and will have more than 4,000 Atlassian jobs in the building itself tech central presents itself as a fantastic opportunity to renew the southern end of the Sydney CBD but most importantly it sends a strong international signal that the New South Wales government wants to embrace the technology and innovation economy the construction will create more than two and a half thousand construction jobs will be an amazing example of the type of smart green recovery projects that our economy needs bringing jobs and investment to Sydney into New South Wales we want to be a talent vortex it's about creating a dynamic ecosystem right across the technology and innovation sectors so we say to the world that if you want to grow in this sector Sydney is the place to do it.

As the future focal point of Sydney's innovation and technology community, Tech Central will create a vibrant innovation and technology precinct in the heart of Sydney's CBD, with strong links to international markets, Greater Sydney, and the rest of NSW.

Home to the Sydney Quantum Academy and future Space Industry Hub, Tech Central will future proof and diversify the NSW economy and cement its position as a leader in:

  • fintech, cyber and ehealth
  • digital and deep technology including quantum, blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things and analytics
  • creative industries including virtual reality and game design.


Tech Central will provide up to 250,000 square metres of space for technology companies, including 50,000 square metres at affordable rates for startups and scaleups, in a connected location brimming with heritage, culture and activity.

A NSW Government funding package of $48.2 million has kick-started development and tech giant Atlassian is confirmed as anchor tenant. It will locate its headquarters in the precinct, bringing over 4000 employees.

Highly-ranked nearby institutions including the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and CSIRO's Data61 are looking to further collaborate with business on joint research, commercialisation and graduate programs.

Why get involved?

  • A prime location 1.5km from the centre of the city and 8km from Sydney Airport.
  • A place to find a quality lifestyle with an abundance of culture, city parklands, sporting facilities, bars, restaurants and retail.
  • A draw for global talent attracted to Sydney and NSW’s reputation as a vibrant place to live and work.
  • Access to over 160,000 NSW STEM graduates, in NSW in close proximity to some of Sydney’s best higher education institutions.
  • A place of great cultural and heritage importance to the Aboriginal community and Sydney’s other diverse communities.
  • A culture of collaboration which encourages the sharing of ideas and resources.

How we help

NSW can help you become part of Tech Central by providing:

  • market intelligence and investment opportunities
  • support for business case development
  • identification of suitable investment locations and partners in NSW
  • facilitation of familiarisation visits to NSW
  • advice on NSW Government programs and approval processes
  • connections with government contacts and the local business network.

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