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Living and working in New South Wales

With a diverse population, spectacular natural environment and world-class educational opportunities, Sydney and New South Wales offer an outstanding quality of life.

A friendly, healthy and positive lifestyle

Sydney and New South Wales (NSW) aren’t just great places to do business, they’re also great places to live.

Moving to Sydney and NSW will provide you with an enviable lifestyle.

Australia consistently ranks in the top five countries in the world for its quality of life and is one of the top countries in the world for family-friendliness.

NSW offers all that’s best about our country. That includes access to Australia’s most dynamic city (Sydney), some of the country’s best beaches, great health and education systems, and the chance to enjoy a year-round outdoor lifestyle.

A multicultural and welcoming state

NSW is diverse and multicultural, with 27.6% of its population born overseas, representing 121 different ancestries.

The majority of the current population in Greater Sydney comes from Asia, and the second highest represented continent is Europe.

This demographic brings a diversity of culture, lifestyle, cuisine, thinking, and working attitude.

Of people living in NSW and were born overseas the six most represented countries are:

  • China
  • England
  • India
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam

Thirty per cent of people living in NSW speaking a second language and 275 languages spoken within the state.

In short, Sydney and NSW are safe, multi-faceted, economically and politically stable, and prosperous. Little wonder they are popular destinations for businesses looking for a base in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

The ingredients for an outstanding quality of life

Sydney enjoys a sunny climate with mild winters and warm summers, perfect for making the most of the outdoors.

  • NSW air quality was deemed excellent by international standards in 2017. The Air Quality Index (AQI) was in the ‘very good’, ‘good’ or‘fair’ category for at least 89% of the time in Sydney regions, 96% in the Illawarra and South-West Slopes, 97% in the Lower Hunter and 98% to 100% of the time in all other regions, demonstrating that air quality consistently met relevant standards
  • NSW has a well-developed public education system with over 2,743 schools, 130 vocational and training facilities (TAFE NSW), and 11 major universities
  • There are more than 220 public hospitals and health services in NSW which provide free, high-quality health care to Australian citizens and permanent residents. Services provided at public hospitals may include emergency care, elective and emergency surgery, medical treatment, maternity services, and rehabilitation programs
  • NSW is world-renowned for spectacular coastlines and beaches—more than 900 national and regional parks, the outback, and the country’s largest ski fields are all within easy reach
  • Culture and entertainment range from friendly regional NSW communities to the cosmopolitan glamour and excitement of Sydney

Working and doing business in NSW

NSW welcomes business, investor and skilled migrants.

We can nominate you to apply for visa if you are:

An Investor who commits to engaging in investment activity that benefits the NSW economy.

Business migrant who commits to using your expertise to establish a new business, or develop an existing business, in NSW.

An Entrepreneur who commits to using your innovative skills to develop their ideas in NSW.

Skilled migrant who is skilled in an occupation needed in NSW to drive economic growth.

Global Talent migrant who is exceptional in your field.


Find out about visas and migration, money and taxes in New South Wales.

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