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Find your co-founder or new hire

Ensuring you have the right leadership team to grow your startup/scaleup is essential!

The Sydney Startup Hub and Tank Stream Labs are hosting a structured networking event at the Sydney Startup Hub on Wednesday 24 May at 5:30pm.

You will have the opportunity to find the perfect professional match to meet your future Co-Founder, hire talented people, or join a startup or scaleup team.

You will have the opportunity to pitch your business or share the skill set you would bring to the table as a future co-founder or key decision maker. After the pitches, you'll get the chance to network and connect with those who impressed you!

Who should apply and participate in this event?

I am looking for a Co-Founder

  • I want to meet and connect with ambitious, like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Place myself in the heart of the startup environment where being a founder is commonplace
  • Surround myself with people who have built businesses before and ready to do it again
  • I’m not ready to launch my startup yet, but I’m keen to begin conversations now

I am hiring to build out my team

  • I want to meet people who could be our next C-suite leads, sales & marketing manager, product developers and engineers, people & culture etc

I am looking for a new role with a Startup or Scaleup 

  • I want to meet a qualified group of startups and scaleups to escalate my job search
  • Chat with people directly from teams to find out more about opportunities
  • Be introduced and keep in touch with people who are responsible for hiring

For more information and to register your spot, head to: Find your Co-Founder or Next HireExternal Link




Sydney Startup Hub, Level 1, 11 York Street, Sydney NSW
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