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mRNA and RNA industry and research in NSW

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We've learnt a lot about mRNA and RNA vaccines, and they're really a game changer.

New South Wales is incredibly well-placed to be a location to manufacture and continue to invest in mRNA and RNA research because of the amazing combination of universities that we've got here and their strong level of collaboration.

We've got a highly skilled medical workforce, which is really at the leading edge of research anywhere around the world.

And our new innovation district is really changing the game when it comes to the consolidation of research and working closely with our health sector. New South Wales is known globally as the Asia-Pac hub for biotech and smart jobs.

We have the track record, capability, and financial capacity to deliver complex health-related infrastructure and are committed to supporting businesses locating in New South Wales.

We have 11 state universities in New South Wales, four of whom are in the top 200 universities in the world. In addition, we have 19 health research organisations.

The CSIRO has major labs in Sydney, and of course we have the Australia Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, ANSTO.

The universities have come together to build an RNA Alliance.

This brings together the strongest and the best researchers in RNA and related technologies into one organisation.

This new UNSW RNA Institute has been set up with $25 million funding to really push the frontier in RNA therapeutics and RNA science.

And I think that could be really attractive for companies to come to New South Wales to work with us.

Our accelerating R&D in New South Wales Action Plan is supporting the capabilities for future industries and growing new jobs and our economy.

The development of genomic medicine is the future of healthcare, and mRNA is one of those vital components for gene therapies going forward.

One of the primary benefits is the improvement to patient care that we can make.

That is at the heart of what we're trying to achieve. You need to know you've got the skills and capacity and personnel that are world-leading. We definitely have those.

New South Wales is perfectly positioned to take national and international leadership in this area. 
So not only do we need to invest more in those technologies to fight COVID-19 today, they're also going to help us future-proof our communities against future pandemics.

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