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Upskilling workers in digital technologies

Local workers at a Central Coast manufacturing business are being equipped with the most up-to-date digital skills to ensure they remain competitive in their industry.

Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology and Minister for Skills and Training
Alister Henskens said Chamberlain Group was one of the first businesses to sign up
to the NSW Government’s Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program.

“There is growing need for workers to develop greater digital skills so they can
effectively work alongside new and emerging technology and this program is one of
the ways we are responding to this need,” Mr Henskens said.

“Chamberlain Group is a great example of how advanced manufacturing businesses
can benefit from workforce development initiatives that make our state an attractive
place for industries to grow, invest and create jobs.”

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast Adam Crouch said the program consists
of a series of pilots that deliver a holistic approach to businesses’ adoption of
advanced technologies.

“The program is skilling people in areas such as project life-cycle management
processes, computer-aided design and manufacturing, coaching and mentoring,
which will boost our local economy and drive jobs for people on the Central Coast,” Mr
Crouch said.

Head of Operations Oceania at Chamberlain Group Graeme Sheekey said the
program had enabled the company, which manufactures commercial garage door
openers and access devices, to gain valuable insights into varying digital technologies.

“Since starting the journey, we can see how digital tools such as interconnectivity and
data-led process improvement are changing the way we work,” Mr Sheekey said.

“Having a greater emphasis on data in our operations has enabled better upskilling,
greater digital literacy and knowledge-sharing outcomes for our staff and business
partners. The program is enabling us to embed future-oriented practices.”

More information about the program is available online.