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Health & Medtech program (NSW Going Global Export Program)

The NSW Going Global at Expo program for the health and medtech sector focuses on developing export capabilities and drive success in the region, and centres around an anchor international exhibition held in Dubai this year, Arab Health from 24 – 27 January 2022.

Arab Health is a leading health, medical and wellness trade exhibition. From state-of-the-art imaging equipment to the most cost-effective disposables; developments in surgery to advances in prosthetics, Arab Health draws a diverse range of industry executives.

The NSW program includes:

  • Exporter workshops and training sessions
  • Pre-conference briefings
  • Attending Arab Health programs
  • Business matching opportunities

The program is free for participants.

If you wish to participate in the Health and Medtech program, please complete the EOI form here. Please note that following the EOI, we will require you to complete an application form for the NSW Going Global Export Program.

There is also an opportunity to take part in the Australian business program (Austrade) which includes pre-conference briefings, virtual programs and events, and business matching opportunities for participants. Each program is free for virtual participation. For in-person attendance, there will be participation fees of AUD 590 charged by Austrade.

Health & medtech sector overview

Australia, especially NSW, is considered a world leader in the med-tech sector due to its vibrant research environment. NSW is home to 37% of the nation’s med-tech companies and are at the forefront of adopting new medical innovations, such as 3D bioprinting.

The Middle East and North Africa region will continue to be shaped by increasing public-private partnerships in their expanding health sector.  From 2020 to 2021, pharmaceutical expenditure is expected to grow by AUD 1.4 billion, while health spending will grow by AUD 16 billion to AUD 340 billion. Commitment to the health sector remains a priority for the region, which has accelerated its modernisation and expansion.

Opportunity to participate

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