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NSW agri-food event at the World Expo in Dubai

Pitch your agri-food products and services to investors and customers via video at the World Expo in Dubai. Applications have closed.

The World Expo in Dubai is expected to attract more than 190 participant countries and 25 million visitors.

Six NSW businesses can win an opportunity to pitch via video to high-profile investors at the NSW agri-food event at the World Expo in Dubai on 22 February 2022. 

Selected businesses will first need to pitch their products and services to a judging panel at a qualifying final in NSW on 14 or 16 December 2021. 


Innovative NSW businesses in the following sectors are encouraged to apply:

  • agricultural
  • agtech
  • foodtech
  • logistics
  • premium food
  • non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing. 

To be eligible to apply, your business must:

  • be registered, located and operating in NSW
  • be financially viable and solvent.
  • be a start-up or small to medium enterprise (SME)
  • be based in NSW
  • be already providing agri-food sector technology services and/or selling agri-food products to customers
  • are innovative and investor-ready
  • have a global expansion plan that may include current exporting or exporting intentions and associated research to identify market interest 
  • largely grow, manufacture or develop products and services in NSW utilising NSW skills or significantly add value to NSW materials or produce.

About the qualifying events

Finalists selected for the qualifying events will need to:

  • present a 1-minute video
  • deliver a 3-minute pitch
  • answer 2 minutes of questions from the judging panel

The NSW Department of Primary Industries Global AgTech Ecosystem (DPI GATE) will hold an online qualifying event on 14 December 2021 for up to 8 finalists from the agriculture and agtech sectors.

The NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) will hold a face-to-face and online qualifying event in Sydney on 16 December 2021 for up to 8 finalists from the foodtech, logistics, and premium foods and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing sectors. 

About the prize

Investment NSW will select 3 winners from each qualifying event.

Then Investment NSW will provide pitch coaching to each of the 6 winners, and work with them to produce a professional 2 to 3 minute video pitch. Winning businesses will not incur any production costs.

The video pitches will be presented to high-profile investors and customers at the NSW Government’s agri-food event in Dubai on 22 February 2022. Investment NSW offices in NSW and Dubai will assist in fostering investor and customer interest, and work with the winning participants to maximise opportunities.

Each winning business can keep their video presentation for their own use. Investment NSW, DPI GATE and NSSN may also utilise this material for promotional and marketing purposes.

How applications will be assessed

Subject to the criteria described above, applicants will also be assessed upon:

  • international interest in the product or service
  • capacity to supply commercial volumes and meet customer expectations
  • demonstrated growth potential
  • track record of innovation
  • marketability.

How to apply

Applications closed on 19 November 2021.

Key dates

Successful and unsuccessful applicants notified on 25 to 26 November 2021.

Qualifying events will be held on 14 and 16 December 2021 in Sydney and online.

Six winning NSW businesses will pitch via video to high-profile investors at the NSW agri-food event at the World Expo in Dubai on 22 February 2022.