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Defence program

The Australian business program (Austrade) for the defence sector focuses on the anchor international trade exhibitions held in Dubai: Dubai Airshow, Helishow and Intersec.

Dubai Airshow (14 – 18 November 2021) The world’s largest aerospace event in 2021, the Dubai Airshow will showcase the resilience and agility of the aerospace and defence sectors. This year, it is expanding to include emerging technologies, start-ups, future transport and sustainability along with facilitated networking to help drive your business forward. 

Intersec (16 – 18 January 2022) unites the world of security, emergency response, safety and wellbeing once again in Dubai for its 23rd edition. Future foresight, bilateral cooperation and next generation tech is on the agenda attracting important global experts and influencers.

Helishow (19 – 21 January 2022) is a perfect platform for the international helicopter community to meet and interact with prospective customers including State delegates and trade visitors from across the globe.

The Australian business program includes:

  • Pre-conference briefings
  • Attending the conferences’ virtual programs
  • Hosting virtual events to showcase capabilities
  • Business matching opportunities

Each program is free for virtual participation. For in-person attendance, there will be participation fees of AUD 590 charged by Austrade.

If you wish to participate in the Defence program, please complete the EOI form here. Please ensure you specify which program you wish to participate in.

Defence sector overview

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region places a high priority on national security, particularly homeland self-defence, with an annual spend of AUD 130 billion. There is continued investment in high-end capabilities and technologies, with particular focus on air, sea, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. To enhance domestic capabilities, governments are keen on partnerships and technology transfer.

NSW is home to a competitive and technically sophisticated defence industry, with a diverse defence and aerospace supply chain ranging from manufacturing advanced materials for fighter jets to sophisticated systems utilising data and space technology for national cybersecurity. 

Opportunity to participate

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