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Agribusiness & Agtech program

AgraME is the leading event promoting sustainable, innovative agricultural practices to ensure food security in the region and AgraME showcases in the world’s top technologies and methods for sustainable agriculture to help compliment government initiatives driving food security in the MENA region.

The NSW program includes:

  • Pre-conference briefings
  • Attending AgraME virtual programs
  • Promotion of services and innovation at AgraME
  • Business matching opportunities

The program is free for participants. Due to the ongoing travel restrictions, the program is subject to change.

If you wish to participate in either stream of the Agribusiness & Agtech program, please complete the EOI form here.

There is also an opportunity to take part in the Australian business program (Austrade) which includes pre-conference briefings, virtual programs and events, and business matching opportunities for participants. Each program is free for virtual participation. For in-person attendance, there will be participation fees of AUD 590 charged by Austrade.

Agribusiness & agtech sector overview

Known globally for its clean, green, and safe produce, NSW agribusinesses are innovative and have adopted agri-tech and food-tech solutions to drive consistent growth and sustainability.

The Middle East region has a population exceeding 450 million and its agriculture market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% (2021 – 26).  Due to harsh climatic conditions and water scarcity, the region’s agricultural output is low, making food security and imports critical.

The pandemic has led to the rise of nutritional diet consumption in the region, as well as the need for innovative farming solutions, including efficient irrigation methods that accelerate achieve food self-sufficiency. 

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