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Regional entrepreneurs

Eligible people and businesses can book free amenities at the Regional Landing Pad and tap into the metropolitan startup community.

About the Regional Landing Pad

The Regional Landing Pad provides a dedicated and secure work and collaboration space for regional entrepreneurs visiting Sydney.

Free amenities for regional entrepreneurs

Eligible NSW regional entrepreneurs can use amenities at the Regional Landing Pad for free.

Location and hours

The Regional Landing Pad is located at the Sydney Startup Hub, Level 1, 11-31 York St, SYDNEY NSW 2000. Amenities are available from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday. 


To book amenities at the Regional Landing Pad:

  • you must work within the startup, innovation and technology ecosystem
  • your startup must be registered outside of metropolitan Sydney.

We welcome entrepreneurs from Wollongong and Newcastle, bookings for day visits only, if space allows.

If you are unsure if your business is eligible, please contact the Sydney Startup Hub team.

How to book

Complete the online booking form

To access the Regional Landing Pad, you must book in advance.


Sydney is the natural innovation entry point for NSW entrepreneurs and startups to access the broad range of opportunities including investment, information, technology and networks.

Regional entrepreneurs who plan a visit to the Regional Landing Pad can:

*Note: The Regional Landing Pad is designed so regional entrepreneurs can drop in whenever they are visiting Sydney. It is not designed to become a Sydney office base.

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