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A community for founders and entrepreneurs to share, learn, build networks, and bring their ideas to life.

Building a stronger entrepreneurial community where startups thrive

Sydney Startup Hub facilitates the jobs of the future by supporting the innovation ecosystem and make NSW the most effective place in Australia to establish a business.​​

Nearly 6,000 jobs have been created within the Sydney Startup Hub since 2018. It is a globally significant innovation hub that cements Sydney as Australia's startup capital. It connects people, supports collaboration, attracts investors and strengthens the startup community – essential for building a pipeline of future job-creating businesses and sustainable, high-value jobs in NSW.

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The Sydney Startup Hub offers more than 17,000sqm across 11 floors all under one roof in a convenient CBD location, making it the highest-density startup space in the Southern Hemisphere. It can accommodate up to 1,800 people and 500 startups. It also welcomes thousands more in the community workspace, events spaces and the Regional Landing Pad.

Whether you’re looking for a private office, permanent desk or a more flexible working arrangement for your startup, our anchor tenants have a variety of memberships on offer.

Meet the Founders

Meet the founders based at the Sydney Startup Hub!

This series showcases some of the talented and inspirational startup founders that make up our innovation ecosystem in NSW.

Meet more founders

Read the transcript of the 'Xylo Systems' video

Michelle Long, Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems, Investment NSW Hi, I'm Michelle Long, Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems in Investment NSW and we’re here today with Camille Goldstone Henry. Not only are you a female founder, you’re an Indigenous female founder. Tell me about your journey to being an entrepreneur.

Camille Goldstone Henry, Xylo Systems I’m the CEO and co-founder of a biodiversity tech startup, Xylo systems. I am a wildlife conservation scientist and I'm a descendant of the Kamilaroi people. Working as a wildlife conservation scientist here in Australia and around the world I saw a lot of inefficiencies. We're currently losing biodiversity at unprecedented rates, so we need new tools and new ways of thinking to tackle the extinction crisis.

Michelle Long, Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems, Investment NSW Tell me why the Sydney Startup Hub?

Camille Goldstone Henry, Xylo Systems For the community that's around here and the resources that are available to us. They have opened doors that we wouldn't have otherwise accessed to.

Michelle Long, Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems, Investment NSW How big is your company now?

Camille Goldstone Henry, Xylo Systems We're a team of two - my co-founder and I. My co-founder, Jada Anderson is our Chief Product Officer, but we are looking to expand our team.

Michelle Long, Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems, Investment NSW Did you hear that? They're looking for employees!

Camille Goldstone Henry, Xylo Systems Growing up as an Indigenous woman I didn't have a lot of role models in the tech or entrepreneur or innovation space that I could look up to and say you know she looks like me I can do that as well. So, I'm really hoping to be that for other Indigenous women and First Nations people in general.

Michelle Long, Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystems, Investment NSW Camille, thank you so much for your time and thank you for talking to me today.

Camille Goldstone Henry, Xylo Systems Thank you for having me.

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There are many ways you can utilise the Sydney Startup Hub. 

Hire an event space

Modern and flexible spaces for events that support the startup and innovation ecosystem.

Community workspace

Use the drop-in desks on Level 1 of the Sydney Startup Hub for up to 4 hours.

Regional Landing Pad

Regional entrepreneurs can book a desk for one to three days.

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