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Health and medtech in NSW: making opportunities happen

With leading research capability and fast-growing medtech and pharmaceutical industries, New South Wales offers advanced products and unparalleled investment opportunities.

A healthier future for everyone

Strong expertise, significant public investment and high standards underpin better health outcomes across Australia. They also support a thriving industry valued at over $5 billion before the pandemic.

About health and medtech in NSW

As the nation’s largest state economy, NSW is the centre of local industry, home to local and global companies including Pfizer Australia, AstraZeneca Australia, Bayer Australia and Eli Lilly Australia.

A highly educated workforce and established supply chains make NSW an ideal location to develop new treatments and medical devices.

National health and medtech industry employs 68,000 workers and is valued at $5.2 billion (pre-pandemic). 

NSW is home to 11 universities, with 4 ranked in the top 200 for research worldwide and 2 ranked in the top 50 for medicine and health.


A top global destination for clinical trials, 28% less expensive than the USA with specialist ethics approvals within 20 days.

Dedicated health precincts, including Westmead Health and Innovation Precinct, with $5.8 billion of public investment planned for further expansion.

NSW Government support to connect with local health ecosystems, business programs and incentives.

NSW has a diverse and highly-educated population of 8 million people who speak 200 languages. It has 1.6 million graduates with a Bachelor level or above degree.

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With top research institutions and fast growing medical and pharmaceutical industries, New South Wales is leading the way to a healthier future for everyone.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Australia's world-class healthcare system and swift protective measures outperformed comparative countries.

Strong public investment, high standards and advanced expertise underpin Australia's thriving medical technologies and pharmaceutical sector.

Valued at over $5 billion before the pandemic, New South Wales, Australia's largest state economy, is the centre of that industry home to leading Australian and global companies.

A highly educated workforce, and established supply chains, make New South Wales an ideal location for the development of new treatments and medical devices.

Top ranked universities hospitals and research institutes collaborate across multiple dedicated health precincts.

The NSW Government is targeting investment to grow this important industry across key priority sectors including medical devices, biotechnology, clinical trials, gene and cell technologies, and digital health.

New South Wales has a number of health precincts with significant government capital investment and dispersed across greater sydney including Westmead, Camperdown, Randwick and Liverpool.

These offer economic and productivity advantage to businesses and investors.

The NSW Government offers a range of incentives to support RNA and MRNA research and manufacturing, making it the perfect place to invest in this exciting growth sector.

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Working with business to promote growth

The NSW Government is targeting investment to grow this important industry, offering incentives and support for projects such as Sydney’s $96 million RNA pilot manufacturing centre and $25 million viral vector facility.

Significant capital investment in health precincts dispersed across Greater Sydney in Westmead, Camperdown, Randwick and Liverpool, offer economic and productivity advantages to businesses.

The NSW Government is targeting key priorities sectors including:

  • medical devices
  • biotechnology
  • clinical trails
  • gene and cell therapies
  • digital health.

With business, hospitals, universities, clinics and research institutes collaborating across multiple dedicated locations, NSW is leading the way to a healthier future for everyone.

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