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Easier Access to Government Business Services

This report explores the challenges faced by businesses in accessing government services.


Running a successful business is challenging at the best of times. Businesses face the complexities of managing day-to-day operations, employing, and retaining the right people, maintaining cashflow and balancing budgets, all while trying to stay competitive and innovative in a global marketplace. Recent events have seen circumstances become even more difficult. NSW businesses have been affected by drought, bushfires, and COVID-19, and the difficult economic conditions of a recession. It is therefore more important than ever that they are able to get the maximum value from the government business services on offer, including assisting them to efficiently navigate and comply with regulatory requirements and licensing processes.

In our report, we:

  • draw from international innovation and business services best practice on how the most effective governments coordinate their services to increase accessibility for business and streamline operations; and
  • make recommendations on the effective implementation of a preferred model which aims to provide a seamless customer experience for businesses.

We hope our report helps to foster a better environment for business to not only succeed at what it does, but to be more innovative and productive.

*An accessible copy of the report is available on request.