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Our reports tackle complex economic, environmental, and social challenges, providing evidence-based advice to drive innovation and economic opportunity in NSW.

Current research

We highlight innovation trends to help guide policy and program development.  

Explore our current research below. 

Adaptive NSW: How embracing tech could recharge our prosperity

This report, in collaboration with the NSW Productivity Commission, takes a deep dive into how emerging technologies could enhance productivity and improve economic growth in NSW.

The Role of Anchors: lessons from international innovation precincts

This cutting-edge guide looks at the important role that anchor tenants play in global innovation precincts and what it means for NSW.

Global talent wars: Learning from locations that attract the best

This report explores how to attract global talent to help boost the state’s economic prosperity.

NSW Remote Working Insights

This series provides new evidence and insights on the long-term implications of remote and hybrid working.

Easier Access to Government Business Services

This report explores the challenges faced by businesses in accessing government services.

Let’s Collaborate: SMEs using research to drive innovation

This reports examines the opportunities and challenges that arise when small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) collaborate with research organisations.

NSW Innovation Precincts: Lessons from International Experience

This report looks at what makes a successful innovation precinct around the world.

NSW Innovation and Productivity Scorecards

Our unique scorecards provide a snapshot of the state's innovation and productivity performance.

The Innovation Economy: Implications and Imperatives for States and Regions

This report explores the importance of the innovation economy and how international governments are supporting its growth.

Innovation in the NSW Environmental Goods and Services Sector

This report examines the environmental goods and services (EGS) sector in NSW.

Business Size Report

This report investigates different business sizes in the NSW economy.

Upcoming program of work

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Annual Reports


Our 2022 Annual Report (PDF) 7.1 MB outlines the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council’s achievements in 2022, providing an overview of recent publications and how they are influencing NSW Government policy and programs.


Our 2021  Annual Report (PDF) 7.5 MB showcases the NSW Innovation and Productivity Council’s publications prior to 2022, their policy impact and the 2022 work plan.

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