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Our members

Our members are eminent experts from across industry, academia, and government. They are appointed by the Governor of New South Wales for three-year term. The current Council was appointed in 2020

Neville Stevens AO

Mr Stevens has extensive experience chairing panels and reviews in the private and public sectors and is a distinguished former public servant who headed two major Australian Government departments.
Neville Stevens

Professor Attila Brungs

Professor Attila Brungs is the Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Technology Sydney. He previously held senior positions with CSIRO, and McKinsey & Company.
Attila Brungs Alternative

Peter Freedman AM

As a multiple Australian Export Awards winner, Sydney-based RØDE is hailed as a leader in the Australian manufacturing sector.
Peter Freedman Alternative

Professor Barney Glover AO

Professor Barney Glover AO assumed his position at Western Sydney University in January 2014.
Barney Glover

Professor Brigid Heywood

Professor Heywood is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of New England.
Brigid Heywood

Professor Ian Jacobs BA, MA, MBBS, MD, FRCOG

Professor Jacobs took up the role of President and Vice-Chancellor of UNSW Sydney in 2015.
Ian Jacobs Alternative

Jillian Kilby

Jillian is a Civil Engineer with a Master of Business and a Master of Public Policy from Stanford University.
Jillian Kilby

Dr Tony Rumble

Dr Rumble is a leading practitioner and innovator in the financial services sector.
Tony Rumble

Steve Sammartino

Mr Sammartino has had multiple technology start-ups and launched one of the first sharing economy start-ups, Rentoid.com.
Steve Sammartino Alternative

Dr Richard Sheldrake AM

Dr Sheldrake had a 38-year career in the NSW Public Service, and was Director-General of four Departments between 2002 and 2013, when he retired.
Richard Sheldrake

Professor Alex Zelinsky AO

Professor Zelinsky is University of Newcastle’s Vice-Chancellor and President since November 2018.
Alex Zelinksy

Professor Hugh Durrant-Whyte

Hugh Durrant-Whyte is the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer and Natural Resources Commissioner.
Hugh Durrant Whyte

Stephen Walters

Stephen Walters is Chief Economist for NSW Treasury. He joined Treasury in July 2018.
Stephen Walters