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About the Council

What is the Council?

We are an independent statutory body created by the Innovation and Productivity Council Act 1996, reporting to the NSW Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism, and Western Sydney. We marshal expertise from across industry, academia, and government to drive innovation that raises the productivity of NSW’s economy. 

Our mission

Our mission is to champion evidence-based policy through research on innovations that can raise productivity in New South Wales.  

We tackle complex economic, environmental, and social challenges, and provide evidence-based advice to the NSW Government. We identify how innovation can create jobs, investment, exports, interstate trade, and greater economic opportunity for NSW residents. 

Our statutory role includes: 

  • investigating issues related to the promotion of innovation to increase productivity and employment opportunities; 
  • facilitating the flow of information and ideas between the Government, industry, and the research community; and 
  • advising on proposed programs and Government initiatives that promote public and private sector innovation to increase productivity and employment opportunities.