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NSW Innovation and Productivity Council

We investigate issues of relevance to the NSW Government that help create jobs, investment and exports by raising the level of innovative activity in NSW.

Who we are

The NSW Innovation and Productivity Council are a trusted and independent thought-leader.

We deliver unique, forward looking research related to innovation, productivity and efficiency to inform strategic thinking by the NSW Government.

We inform, advise and champion policies, programs and strategies that drive innovation, competitiveness. and productivity for the state's ongoing economic prosperity. 

Our vision for NSW is a prosperous global hub for business, innovation, talent and visitors. 

Read the transcript of the 'Welcome from IPCs chair' video

we all want new south wales residents to
enjoy the highest standards of living in
the world
but to achieve this we must strive to
innovate and raise productivity across
the new south wales economy
welcome to the new south wales
innovation and productivity council we
are a group of leaders from across
science government and academia who come
to advise the new south wales government
on innovation-led
economic development and productivity
our advice is backed up by leading-edge
research on innovation
which you can explore on this site our
explain how new south wales can take
advantage of emerging trends
and international best practice they
cover areas
like the innovation economy innovation
research collaboration the future of
work and more
the council also has a pipeline of
important upcoming work
i encourage you to visit our contact us
page and subscribe to receive
news and updates we publish new reports
and i look forward to sharing these with
you soon

Key people

Alister Henskens

Minister for Skills and Training; Minister for Science, Innovation and Technology; Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade; Minister for Sport

Our members

Our members are eminent experts from across industry, academia, and government.

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