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Middle East – Health and Medtech

Healthcare service, medical device, pharmaceutical manufacture, digital health

Program timing

Mid-October 2021 to  March 2022

Why this market

The Middle East and North Africa region will continue to be shaped by increasing public-private partnerships in their expanding health sector.  From 2020 to 2021, pharmaceutical expenditure is expected to grow by AUD 1.4 billion, while health spending will grow by AUD 16 billion to AUD 340 billion. Commitment to the health sector remains a priority for the region, which has accelerated its modernisation and expansion.

Participation requirements and success factors


  • FTE minimum 3 employees
  • products or services successfully commercialised in Australian market
  • production capability to support new market
  • have financial resources to support marketing and the development of export markets

The ideal candidate

  • NSW healthcare service providers
  • NSW medical device manufacturers, including medical and diagnostic equipment
  • NSW pharma manufacturers, including unique and innovative vitamin dietary supplements
  • NSW digital health companies, including AI

Some profiles do not fit in this program

  • Animal health and medical equipment
  • 2020/21 NSW Going Global Export Program “UAE & Middle East” participants

Curriculum includes

Introduction and business culture training

  • Welcome
  • Business culture training

Market intelligence briefing

  • Subsector specific: healthcare service, medical device, digital health and pharmaceutical
  • Target customers, competitor landscapes, business model
  • Regulatory requirements

Pitch training and pitch development

  • Pitch training
  • Pitch deck development

Potential partner search and introductions

  • Virtual participation and exhibition at Arab Health 24-27 January 2021
  • Potential partner search and introductions

Exporting workshops (Optional)

  • Advanced Exporter training
  • Intellectual Property Protection
    • Trademarks and Designs
    • Patents
  • Freight, logistics, and compliance

Mentor Program (Optional)

  • Assigned industry leader mentor per company for duration of program

Program debrief, ongoing advice and follow up

  • Ongoing support provided by dedicated NSW Government Export Adviser

*curriculum subject to change / may be updated.

Information session

Read transcript

Cameron Prowse

Welcome to investment NSW information session on how to expand your health and Medtech business to the Middle East and participate in Expo 2020 Dubai.

I acknowledge the Darkingjung people, the traditional custodians of this land and the Brisbane Waters area, which includes Terrigal. I pay my respects to elders past, present and emerging.

Hi everyone, I'm Cameron Prowse, the Director of Trade and Export at investment NSW. It's a pleasure for us to present to you today.

First up today, I'm going to give you a broad overview of the 2021/22 NSW Going Global Export Program and how it can benefit you. And then we'll hear from Mr Moin Anwar, NSW Trade and Investment Commissioner in the Middle East, who will outline how Investment NSW can support you to support to expand your health and Medtech business to the Middle East and participate in Expo 2020 Dubai.

The NSW Going Global Export Program is designed to support the growth of NSW businesses through expansion to new export markets. It is a multi-month intensive engagement program designed to give businesses a richer understanding of preferred high growth export markets. It's also tailored to industry specific sectors.

The program provides export coaching, tailored workshops and business matching with international customers.

In addition, it's also free for selected NSW businesses. We invite NSW businesses who are SMEs, export capable, or already exporting and also looking to enter export markets for the first time or diversify into new export markets for their products or services. At the end of the day, we're all about taking the best of NSW to the world and the best of the world to NSW.

This year the Going Global Program will support 10 international markets across 3 industry sectors. These sectors are food and beverage, Health and Medtech, and technology.

Last year, approximately 150 companies participated in the 2020/21 program. Here is a short video from AirPhysio, a health and Medtech company based on the NSW North Coast that participated in the Middle East program last year.

Cameron Prowse

You can participate in a health and Medtech program to China, Japan, Korea, Middle East, UK or the USA. Please note, businesses mainly participate in one stream at a time, so that means you must select which market is right for your business so you can focus on that. The Middle East - Health and Medtech stream is now open for applications.

To provide you with further details about what this stream can offer you, I would like to hand over to Moin. Moin has been the NSW Trade and Investment Commissioner (Middle East) since October 2011 and is based in Dubai. He's incredibly experienced with a strong reputation for supporting NSW businesses in their export endeavours and connecting with potential customers.

Over to you Moin.

Moin Anwar

Thank you Cameron and good morning from Abu Dhabi.

So it's a great pleasure, once again to work with the NSW companies who are keen on exporting to the UAE and the Middle East. I've had the privilege of working with the cohort last year. And it's a pleasure again to work with the companies this year again, especially as we head into Expo 2020 in Dubai.

So in terms of the Middle East, I would say the UAE is the gateway to the Gulf region.

The UAE does have an advanced health and Medtech sector and is probably the leader in the region, and this is also evident from the fact that the way the country has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has actually experienced a very low loss of life ratio, and it's all thanks to the country’s advanced systems. There is a strong dependence on technology and Say on artificial intelligence. And all that makes the UAE an excellent sort of an entry point into the Gulf region.

As you would see in some of the slides, the country is experiencing a growth in population, and that's basically because of the developments taking place in the country. Manufacturing is growing and therefore as the population grows, the demand for health and medtech is also growing. At the moment the Gulf region has about 100 and 18,000 beds, and this needs to be increased in order to cater to the increased demand.

Again, if you're looking at the sectors of interest in the UAE, there is a strong demand for products which are digital and innovative and that is an area where I think companies from NSW can play a great role in contributing to the growth in the in UAE and beyond.

So in terms of the growing global program to the Middle East, I would like to share perhaps a few lessons we picked up from our program last year. As I mentioned, the first one I would say is that products which are innovative and digital solutions are in demand in the UAE, and I would strongly encourage companies which offer those. The innovative products are good. An example was AirPhysio as well as those of individual solutions to consider exporting to the UAE.

Consumable products and traditional products is a segment where there is an opportunity. But again, pricing can be competitive and therefore companies need to make sure that they can actually make the competitive pricing or requirements. The market needs products which are export ready and approvals need to be in place so that it minimizes the market entry time. And finally, there is a registration process which can actually take some time which means that there's a bit of a lag, so keeping those sort of lessons in mind from this year.

So we are looking at devising a program which will actually help you understand the local market dynamics, the market requirements and therefore making your exporting journey to the UAE rather simple and straightforward. So we are looking at having a session starting in October and that would basically cover introduction and business culture training. We will then follow that session with market intelligence research and training, and finally there would be in December 2021 pitch training and pitch development sessions. Now all these sessions are basically meant to make you understand what the UAE market requires.

What are the requirements and how to actually perhaps conduct the business relationships in the region and develop your own relationship with your potential distributor.

All this would lead into Arab Health, which is the region's largest health and medtech show happening in January. And this year's Arab Health is unique in the sense it's it coincides with Expo 2020 in Dubai, which is basically a World Expo which happens once every five years. And we are fortunate to have that event taking place in Dubai starting October 1 this year and running for six months, and Arab Health will happen during the Expo period.

The good news is we are looking at having an increased number of buyers potentially targeting the UAE or visiting UAE and therefore it's a good sort of an opportunity to look at. Perhaps targeting your presence at Arab of 2022.

And finally, from our perspective, for those companies which are on the Global Program, we would be basically working with a specialist in market to help further business matching and then obviously I'm on the ground to help you navigate the local process, the system and make sure that your products enter the UAE and you know consumers are able to enjoy the benefits of your innovations and products.

With this, I now pass it on to my colleague Ali and he can talk more about the Expo 2020 and what NSW is planning to do at the World Expo.

Thank you.

Ali Asghar Shah

Morning thank you so much and welcome everyone. So as Moin mentioned, the World Expo is happening in Dubai this year. Ofcourse it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will run from October 2021 to March 2022. So we're very thrilled and excited that we we've been to building a program around what we are offering for NSW companies.

The NSW government as a major partner at the Australian Pavilion with the World Expo, we're very committed to making sure that you start words companies get to participate in. Sort of a variety of ways.

This year,  ofcourse challenges around COVID, the interest has been tremendous in Dubai. With 100 and 990 plus countries that will be participating with pavilions, which is the largest number they've seen so far and during of course, during the time of the Expo.

And Arab health, which is going to run from the 24th to the 27th of January. There will be health and medtech and health and wellness events being run at the Expo site as well. So this is the year where you will see a sort of an amplification of that Arab Health phenomenon because of the fact that the Expo is being run at the same time. So the idea is that our Going Global cohort will be able to reap the benefits at not only Arab Health, but that sort of added bonus of the World Expo as well.

So it's just a little bit more about Arab health and what are offering is looking like today age.

Uhm, fire starting on the 24th we will have of course the briefing to the of course. The Australian delegation that will be participating within Arab Health followed by panel presentations within the health and Medtech sector. We are also having a NSW specific health and medtech showcase on the 26th of January at the Australian Pavilion which is a very, very exciting opportunity and that will be entirely themed around NSW Health and medtech capabilities and milk and will include a showcase as well with the company's president. And lastly of course we are sort of looking into some other opportunities as well such as the one on the 27th with the Austrade Digital Health Care Roundtable and there are of course a few other offerings that we are currently programming.

We really look forward to your participation in the program, and I'll just pass on to Cameron.

Cameron Prowse

Thank you very much Moin and Ali for that comprehensive review. As you can see, it's fantastic for us to have resource is in NSW and also on the ground in the Middle East to help you with your business. So next steps are please visit our website and check out the eligibility criteria. Just to let you know we have extended the application period until the 30th September so please don't die in mid trap location. Let's get it in and take it from there.

Also, please follow investment NSW social media. Check out our website for updates and also for other streams that may be open for application. Thank you so much for your interest in participating in the 2021/2022 NSW Going Global Export Program.


Applications open:  Monday 6 September 2021

Deadline:  Thursday 30 September 2021

Please have your information at-hand; this application form has a 20-minute limit and must be completed in one session.

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