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E-commerce to Singapore

Eligible businesses can apply for free support to export premium packaged and processed food and beverage, as well as health, wellness and fast-moving consumer goods to Singapore. Applications have closed.

Program dates

March to September 2022

Mode of delivery

The program will be held virtually.

Why this market

E-commerce in Singapore and Southeast Asia is on the rise.  

In Singapore alone, the sector surged by 45% year on year in 2021, reaching a value of US$7.1 billion and the sector is expected to grow a further 8% to 2025.  

Across Southeast Asia, e-commerce grew 62% year on year in 2021, reaching a value of US$120 billion and the sector is expected to grow a further 18% to 2025 reaching a value of US$234 billion. 

Singapore’s sophisticated, affluent and online-savvy consumers demand premium products, especially those that boost health and wellness. With strong financial infrastructure and logistics facilities, Singapore is a key transport hub in the Asia Pacific region. It also has high internet and smartphone access and the amount of time citizens are spending online is growing. Singapore is a natural host to major e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon, Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee.  

Consumers in Singapore and Southeast Asia expect a wide selection  of products to be available online. Premium products from NSW can help meet the increasing demands of Singapore’s affluent consumers and the growing middle classes of Southeast Asia. 

(Source: e-Conomy SEA 2021 report by Google, Temasek, Bain & Company).


Introductory workshops

  • Welcome and introductions, program overview   
  • Intellectual property protection    
  • Export essentials including INCOTERMS, freight, logistics and contracts  

Cultural training

  • Singapore business etiquette, cultural awareness and negotiation principles   

Market intelligence

  • Singapore’s online food, beverage, health, wellness and fast-moving consumer goods market (including market size, segmentation, distribution and sales channels, opportunities, regulation requirements, challenges and barriers to entry) 
  • Sector/sub-sector intelligence and opportunities in Singapore   
  • Importing and regulatory requirements including packaging and labelling  
  • Developing your brand message for the online Singapore market

E-commerce service providers 

  • Introduction to service providers in Singapore who can provide end-to-end support for sustainable market entry 
  • Selecting and entering commercial partnership with preferred e-commerce service providers  

Program debrief, ongoing advice and follow up

  • Ongoing support provided by a dedicated NSW Government Export Adviser   

Note: The curriculum is subject to change.

Participation requirements and success factors

Eligibility for the overall Program

  • Have headquarters in NSW
  • Be export-capable and export-ready
  • Have between 3 and 199 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees 
  • Have a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) registered for NSW 
  • Have a commercial product or service
  • Have a website featuring the product or service
  • Be prepared to adapt the product for the market  
  • Have a product that is produced primarily in NSW  
  • Not be considered a trader (meaning the Program is for businesses that produce and add value in NSW)  

Additional eligibility requirements for this stream

  • Product has been commercialised successfully in the Australian market 

The ideal participant

  • Existing exporters 
  • Manufacturers of premium packaged food and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), consumer health products and fast-moving consumer goods
  • Have more than one Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) that they want to sell in Singapore Committed to pursuing opportunities in Singapore 
  • Open minded and flexible regarding market-entry strategy  
  • Financial resources to support marketing and development for this new market, including to enter a commercial partnership with an e-commerce service provider in Singapore who can provide end-to-end support  

Businesses not eligible for this program

  • The sale and import of hemp plant is prohibited in Singapore (that is, Cannabis Sativa and all products derived from this plant containing hemp proteins, fibre, seeds and oils) 
  • Prescriptive drugs that require approval from the Singapore Health Sciences Authority
  • Businesses already participating in another stream from the 2021-22 Going Global Export Program which have less than 6 employees


Applications opened on 8 February 2022 and closed 6 March 2022 .