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People participating in the Going Global Export Program

NSW Going Global Export Program

Businesses face some common challenges in navigating a new international market, to identify and engage with customers, test products and services, access investment and overcome legal and regulatory hurdles.

The NSW Going Global Export Program is a NSW Government economic development initiative designed to support the growth of NSW businesses through expansion to new export markets. The program provides export coaching, tailored workshops and business matching with international customers. The program is suitable for those that are seeking global sales for the first time, as well as those currently exporting and looking to diversify into new markets.

Investment NSW will assist eligible NSW-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to attain new business in targeted global markets by:

  • facilitating introductions to potential international customers
  • preparing businesses with an understanding of market dynamics
  • sharing practical approaches for doing business offshore
  • providing opportunities for international networking and promotion
  • provide training in digital offshore marketing and e-commerce
  • connecting with local business networks and entrepreneurs.

This is a multi-month intensive engagement program developed to give businesses a richer understanding of preferred high growth export markets, tailored for specific industry-sectors.

The program will be delivered online if the COVID-19 restrictions continue.

Approximately 150 NSW companies participated in the 2020/21 program. See their success stories here.

International markets & industry sectors for 2021/22

The Program will support 10 international markets across 3 industry sectors.  Sectors are:

  • Food (agri-food, food and beverage, processed food)
  • Health and Medtech
  • Technology, Cyber Security, Fintech, Edtech, Space.

See the stream list below.

There is no cost to participate

The Program is free for selected NSW businesses. 

  • Participants are expected to commit time and resources for full engagement throughout the Program.
  • Participants must cover their own travel expenses, if COVID-19 related restrictions ease to the extent that domestic or overseas travel opportunities are incorporated into the Program.

NSW will provide the services of its skilled staff and experienced industry experts in NSW and overseas.

Participants’ business marketing and promotional costs may be reimbursable through the NSW Export Assistance Grant.


We invite NSW businesses who are:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • export capable and/or ready to commence exporting
  • looking to enter an export market for the first time or diversify into new export markets for their product or service.

To be eligible, a business must:

  • be NSW based with a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) registered for NSW
  • have a product or service that includes significant NSW content and value to the NSW economy
  • have between 3 to 199 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • have a product or service that is relevant for the selected Going Global stream – eg the business fits the industry sector and the product or service has demand in the market
  • have a website featuring the product or service to be exported
  • be willing to travel to Sydney for events and to the selected market should border restrictions be eased
  • be prepared to adapt a product or service for the market.


  • Businesses may only participate in one stream at a time.
  • Businesses that may have participated in the 2020/21 NSW Going Global Export Program are welcome to apply for a stream in a different market in 2021/22.
  • The program is designed for NSW businesses that manufacture, produce, and value add, and therefore enterprises that are considered traders are not eligible.

Streams to suit your business

The program is structured into delivery ‘streams’ - a stream is a combination of the market and the product or service sector.

The streams will open for application at differing points throughout 2021/22.

Select a stream to see more details. Updates will be made regularly.

Applications now open

Applications open in 2021

  • China – Agri-food
  • China – Health & Medtech
  • Indonesia – Edtech
  • Japan – Food & Beverage
  • Korea – Health
  • Middle East – Food & Beverage
  • Japan – Cyber Security
  • Japan – Fintech & Regtech
  • United Kingdom – Fintech
  • United Kingdom – Medtech
  • US – Cyber Security
  • US – Health
  • US – Space
  • Vietnam – Processed and packaged Food & Beverage (non-alcoholic)

Applications open in 2022

  • ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam) – e-Commerce Program for Food & Beverage, Nutraceuticals and Skincare
  • India – e-Commerce Program for Food & Beverage, Nutraceuticals and Skincare
  • Korea – Food & Beverage
  • United Kingdom - Agri-food

Applications closed

  • US – Fintech 

How to apply

  1. Select a preferred stream from the list above and read the details.
  2. Get prepared by compiling your information eg ABN, FTE employee number. If you have an Export Plan you may wish to reference it in answering some application questions. Note the application form has a 20-minute limit and must be completed in one session (cannot save and return to it later).
  3. Use the application form on the stream webpage.

Some applications open later

Many streams are not open for applications yet.

To see when a new stream’s application period opens, continue checking this webpage, or follow Investment NSW social media links.

Selection process

Based on the information provided in the application form, all applications will be checked for eligibility

All eligible applications will proceed to an assessment process. This assessment will give favourable regard to applicants that:

  • have an established product or service with demonstrated success in domestic market
  • are already exporting.

After the assessment, all applicants will receive the result of their application.

What previous participants said

Going Global for us has taken the guess work out of finding the right country to step into next and opened up doors that you would only ever dream of.
— Robert Mackenzie, Managing Director of Macka's Australian Black Angus Beef

More information

Investment NSW plans to conduct an informational webinar for some of the upcoming streams. Please check the relevant stream link above to see if the one that you are interested has been planned.

Please contact the Investment NSW Concierge at 02 4908 4800 or via webform.


Disclaimer: NSW Government reserves the right to change this program or its offer at any time. Expressing interest in the program does not guarantee that you will be accepted or invited to participate. Each application will be assessed on merit. 

Please use commercial discretion to assess the suitability of any program or event when assessing your business needs.  NSW Government does not accept liability for any loss associated with the use of any information and any reliance is entirely at the users’ discretion.