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Greater Sydney’s 24-hour economy

Sydneysiders deserve a 24-hour global city. Sydney has long been Australia’s largest city and only truly global metropolis, recognised globally as a world-class cultural and entertainment hub.

NSW Innovation and Productivity Council

We investigate issues of relevance to the NSW Government that help create jobs, investment and exports by raising the level of innovative activity in NSW.

NSW Industry Development Framework

A structured approach to developing and evaluating ideas, and implementing policies that deliver more and better jobs, globally competitive industries, and a resilient economy.

World Expo in Dubai

Take your business to the global stage by participating in the World Expo in Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022.

NSW Going Global Export Program

Eligible NSW businesses can apply for free support to expand to new international markets.

NSW Trade Statement

Learn about our bold plan to transform the state’s exports and trading performance on the world stage, creating jobs and supporting economic recovery.

Sector opportunities

Looking to start or expand your business in Sydney and NSW? We can connect you to projects, explain policy and regulation, help you to navigate government and introduce you to grants programs.

Sydney Startup Hub

A community for founders and entrepreneurs to share, learn, build networks, and bring their ideas to life.


World-class precincts where business firms cluster together will foster collaboration, creativity, productivity and innovation.

Grants, rebates and subsidies

Grants, funding and assistance programs to help your business succeed or recover.

Driving Digital Skills Pilot Program

Developing workers’ digital capabilities in targeted NSW industries.