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Lunch & Learn with Nathan Baird, Founder of Methodry & innovation strategist

Innovation is one of the most important endeavors of modern times, yet 95% of innovations fail. Why is that? 

Unfortunately this is because more often than not, startups spend their time inventing solutions for non-existent customer needs!

In other words, entrepreneurs fall into the trap of “let’s make some really cool stuff”. This is jumping to the solution mentality, prevalent in the corporate and startup world, and means founders are too often skipping the “front end” of the innovation process.

Join Nathan BairdExternal Link, founder of Methodry on Thursday 8th June, at 12:30pm as he outlines the tools and methods for developing a winning customer-centric approach to innovation increasing your chances of startup success.

In this interactive and experiential talk, Nathan argues that taking a Design Thinking and Experimentation approach to innovation and business is the key to a faster, smoother and more successful innovation journey.


  • How to build empathy for your customers (users) and identify what is important to them
  • How to frame specific and meaningful opportunities based on customer needs and insights
  • How to think creatively to generate new solutions
  • How to pick the winners and harvest ideas for potential
  • Prototyping to think and learn from fast failures and how to test prototypes with customers
  • How to use the Business Model Canvas to develop solutions and identify, test and reduce risk

For more information and to register your spot, head to: Lunch & Learn: Stop jumping to the solution!External Link