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Inspire young people – For industry partners

Host a cyber industry experience and inspire young people to become tomorrow’s cyber security professionals

How to get involved

Create innovative industry experiences that will allow Years 9 to 12 students (aged 14 to 18 years) in NSW to:​

  • Explore their passion and fit for various cyber security roles​
  • Dispel perceptions which limit participation such as those relating to technical ability, gender and cultural stereotypes​
  • Learn from inspiring models with whom they can identify​
  • Acquire knowledge and skills through hands-on, project-based learning​
  • Find out about cyber careers, training and employment opportunities ​
  • Fine-tune their career aspirations and plans​
  • Build a support network of cyber professionals and peers to help them throughout their cyber career journey. ​

Benefits of hosting

Hosting a cyber industry experience for students allows your business to:

  • Contribute to strengthening Australia's cyber capabilities
  • Inspire young people with potential to join your industry
  • Promote the attitudes and skills you want in your workforce
  • Participate in the education, career development and vocational training of young people 
  • Increase the supervisory, training and mentoring skills of your staff
  • Strengthen your links with the community and raise your business profile 
  • Build your brand among tomorrow's future decision makers

Planning a Cyber Industry Experience Program

Target Audience

The Cyber Industry Experience program is targeted at Years 9-12 students in NSW across public, Catholic and Independent schools. 

Sample agenda

The Cyber Industry Experience events would typically reflect the career opportunities available at the host company/companies. Here is a sample agenda for a Cyber Industry Experience based on some experiences industry partners have run in the past or plan for the future.

  • Introduction to the company – its mission, values and impact
  • Opportunity for students to meet and talk to cyber security professionals about their work and careers
  • Hands-on cyber activity with support from industry mentors, such as: 
    • An immersive team project simulating an authentic scenario, with each student taking on a cyber role
    • A capture-the-flag challenge
    • Gamified role simulations – escape rooms, cyber ranges, alternate reality games, VR, mock trials
    • Podcasting 
    • Community project to solve cyber security issues, utilising design thinking and agile methodologies
  • Feedback and recognition
  • Recommendations on skills pathways
Duration and Time

Typically, one- or two-day onsite visits, with preparatory work before an on-site visit or assignments in between visits.

Students are available for onsite visits from 9:00 to 15:00, depending on how far they need to travel.


Industry experiences can be at the company's office, or at a suitable external location, such as a university or TAFE, if security or space is an issue. The NSW Cyber Hub would assist with sourcing the external venue. It is also possible to host events in a hybrid format, combining on-site visits with virtual sessions. For students in regional areas where there are not many opportunities to meet with industry partners, the NSW Cyber Hub may also fund travel for industry partners to conduct the cyber industry experience in regional areas. 

Number of participants

The number of participants is often dependent on venue and staffing capacity and the depth of supervision you would like to be able to provide. A teacher from each school typically accompanies the students to the event and would take part in activities.


Laptops and a broadband router are available for your activities, if required.

Inclusion and diversity

Diversification of the cyber workforce is a priority, and we hope to offer opportunities especially for groups under-represented in the industry: girls, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, neurodivergent and disabled students and students in regional NSW. We will work with you to ensure opportunities are offered in line with your diversity and inclusion priorities.

Educational design

The NSW Cyber Hub works in partnership with the Department of Education and Cyber Security NSW. We would support you by bringing together relevant experts to assist in the design of your event to ensure activities are suitable for the students. 

Contact us

To get involved or ask a question about the Cyber Industry Experience program, please contact usExternal Link.