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Explore a career in cyber security - for students and teachers

Explore the exciting, fast-paced world of cyber security by participating in taster experiences offered by industry partners.


If you are a high school student, please ask your teacher or career advisor to contact us. If you are a teacher or career advisor with students interested in cyber security, please contact usExternal Link to find out more about upcoming industry experiences.

Read transcript of the 'Cyber Industry Experiences' video

If you have a company in Australia, you have a cyber security problem.

Why is that really, really good news for you?

Because if you are interested in a career in cyber, it means that there's a very good chance that there's gonna be a really exciting job for you.

And when every single company in Australia is gonna need a cybersecurity person, you also know that if you get into cyber security, the prospects of being paid really, really well are high.

Today, the students were tasked with conducting a cyber incident response investigation following the encryption of their device's laptop.

The group that impacted them was LockBit ransomware gang and today, we had them conduct a forensic investigation to get them feeling what it's like being a cyber investigator.

The kids today have really impressed us with some of their skills that they've brought with them today. Look at today as a learning experience for something that you may be interested in.

Connect with Gridware, talk to the teaching faculty that are here as well, and Investment NSW because you don't get this opportunity every single day.

This is a very good time to just see where your life might lead to, and this might be the turning point today going forward for your career.