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Autonomous systems

Autonomous systems

Transforming defence capabilities.

Transforming defence capabilities

The defence robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) industry in New South Wales (NSW) is focused on developing advanced technologies that can be used to enhance Australia’s national security surveillance the capabilities of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The state has a strong focus on research and development in this field backed by a strong manufacturing industry base engaging in experimentation and collaboration in robotics, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence.   

NSW Government will work with stakeholders to develop an autonomous system ecosystem by enhancing links between research and industry needs, supporting the development of game-changing sovereign capabilities, and developing robust supply chains. Aligned to this, NSW intends to establish a National Autonomous Systems Hub (NASH) which will cater for Air, Land, Sea, and undersea systems, exploiting the existing innovation and industrial strengths across the state.  

The NASH will provide a network of facilities that encompasses the end-to-end value chain including an innovation hub, advanced manufacturing, indoor and outdoor test and evaluation, training, and services. It also brings Australia’s sovereign capabilities together to enable opportunities to connect and collaborate on defence projects. 

The NSW Government recognises that autonomous systems will supply critical enablers for future force capabilities, improving the speed and precision of decision-making processes to maintain a capability edge and defend against AI-enabled threats.