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Food and Beverage Manufacturing in NSW: making opportunities happen

Our natural resources, farming prowess, manufacturing capability, regulatory strengths and scientific expertise offer a raft of new, safe and secure food and beverage manufacturing opportunities.

About Food and Beverage Manufacturing in NSW

NSW is Australia’s largest consumer market, home to a skilled workforce, advanced infrastructure and world-leading technology and innovation. Food and beverage manufacturing employs around 65,200 people in the state. 81% of NSW's landmass is devoted to agriculture.

Extensive road, rail, sea and air infrastructure supports efficient sector supply-chains and fast access to domestic and international markets.

Producing about $15.1 billion of agricultural food and $38.1 billion of manufactured food & beverage products each year.

Advanced research and technology testing capability offers significant opportunities to develop, commercialise and scale solutions.

Supplying consumer markets in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

A long-standing reputation for food safety and efficient regulation.

Over AU$100 million per year invested in agrifood research and development.

Making opportunities happen

Leading research and development, diverse climates and a fast-growing manufacturing industry create safe, high-quality food and beverage, and unparalleled investment opportunities.

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The agrifood opportunity in NSW

Fine Food Australia

The NSW Government has been supporting the food and beverage manufacturing sector through its presence at Fine Food Australia since 2001. Fine Food Australia is the largest food and beverage industry trade show in Australia. The NSW Government continues to assist innovative food and beverage manufacturers by offering NSW businesses the opportunity to apply for exhibitor booth subsidies in the Flavours of NSW Zone at Fine Food Australia in Sydney and Melbourne.

Learn more about previous Flavours of NSW zones:

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Flavours of NSW Catalogue

Sponsored by the NSW Government and powered by the independent, industry-led, not-for-profit Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), the Flavours of NSW Catalogue connects international buyers with world-class NSW food and beverage companies.

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NSW Going Global Export Program

Eligible NSW businesses can apply for free support to expand to new international markets. The NSW Going Global Export Program is intensive and requires participants to be actively engaged for 4 to 6 months. It offers participants many benefits including:

  • an understanding of market dynamics 
  • practical approaches for doing business in the target market
  • opportunities to identify and engage with new customers in the target market 
  • opportunities for networking with global businesses and entrepreneurs
  • opportunities for global promotion
  • opportunities for peer interaction with the businesses in your cohort.

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Supporting your move to NSW

Investment NSW can connect you with a range of services and incentives available to businesses looking to grow.

Guidance: grants, rebates, programs and incentives

Investment NSW offers bespoke services to businesses looking to build a presence within NSW.

The team at Investment NSW provides tailored advice on grants, rebates, programs and other incentives your business may be eligible for.

Location: site identification, familiarisation and development

Whether you need a high-tech lab, an advanced manufacturing facility connected to a university or a greenfield site in regional NSW, we can assist.

We can work with you to establish a presence in a precinct or collaboration area suited to your needs.

We provide services to help you find the right accommodation:

  • determining the type of accommodation to best meet your businesses requirements
  • advice and support regarding opportunities available on Government land (both long and short term)
  • support navigating the planning process
Market insights

We can provide tailored information and data, including local market insights, on our focus areas.


We can introduce you to stakeholders who can support your growth objectives. This may include connecting you to:

  • corporate partners
  • business chambers
  • industry associations
  • technology precincts
  • research institutes
  • government agencies
Familiarisation visits

We offer curated introductions to help you identify local partners, distributors, industry stakeholders and service providers.

Asia-Pacific growth advice

Once you have established here, a wide range of services and programs are available to use NSW as a springboard into Asia. We can help you identify opportunities to expand in the region.

Visa and Skilled Migration support

Our Business & Skilled Migration Program actively supports the growth of New South Wales’s key industries, including tech, health, education, and advanced manufacturing. We attract a diverse range of skills and capabilities and nominate high-potential candidates to live and work in NSW.

These efforts fuel the expansion of businesses across the state, offering valuable opportunities for organisations looking to invest in NSW.

For more information about the Business & Skilled Migration Program, please visit our websiteExternal Link.

Upcoming Events

Past events
  • Foodservice AustraliaExternal Link is the leading food event for the hospitality and the food service industry. The show featured over 450 exhibitors, 60 industry speakers and thousands of visitors exploring the latest equipment, tasting food trends and finding out what’s new in the industry. The event was held on 19-21 May 2024 at the ICC Sydney.

Working with business to promote growth

NSW offers a business-friendly environment backed by strong institutional support across:

  • industrial and technology precincts
  • food safety
  • industrial and agricultural production
  • innovation, research and development
  • workforce development and skills
  • circular economy
  • industry advocacy
  • business programs and incentives

The NSW Government is positioning Western Sydney to become the national capital for advanced manufacturing, with a collaborative research and development centre at the core of the state’s new Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

A world-class agribusiness precinct in the Aerotropolis will support production of sustainable, high-quality, fresh produce and pre-prepared consumer foods, and incorporate the high-speed supply chain infrastructure associated with the new 24/7 airport.

The NSW Government is also developing regional Special Activation PrecinctsExternal Link. These precincts are strategically located near major commodity growing regions with access to global transport and logistics and research and development capability. Special Activation Precincts offer accelerated planning approvals, government-led infrastructure investment and studies, and business concierge services.

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Our dedicated team offers free, confidential and personalised support to businesses who want to learn more about food and beverage manufacturing, and how your organisation can benefit from working in NSW.

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