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Advanced Manufacturing in NSW: driving our economy

NSW is home to a range of highly innovative, competitive and world-leading manufacturers in industries such as health and life sciences, food and beverage, clean economy, sustainable and low carbon production, fabrication and component production, defence and space.


NSW is Australia’s biggest manufacturing state

Advanced manufacturers choose NSW for its lifestyle, supportive business environment, skilled workforce and extensive infrastructure. This results in high-value products of interest to customers globally.

There are over 29,000 manufacturers in NSW (including sole traders).

Manufacturers in NSW employ more than 288,000 people.

Manufacturers generate around $135.6 billion annually.

Exporting around $18.2 billion worth of goods each year.

Focus sub sector

Man biologist collecting data growth green plants on plantation

Leading research and development, diverse climates and a fast-growing manufacturing industry create safe, high-quality food and beverage, and unparalleled investment opportunities.

Working with business to promote growth

NSW offers capability across high-tech design and development, innovative research, product customisation, client support and repair.

About half of total NSW manufacturing exports are advanced manufactured goods, with particular strengths in defence and aerospace, health and life sciences, and agrifood.

Targeted support is available through:

  • skills and workforce development facilitated through Training Services NSWExternal Link
  • industry advocacy
  • business programs and incentives
  • innovation, research and development. 

We're also helping to attract and train our future manufacturing workforce with further programs and support to learn digital skills, encourage collaboration with industry across regional and metropolitan NSW and support students to take up STEM careers. 

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Key initiatives

NSW is known as a fast adopter of technology, and we are reinforcing this reputation with the NSW 20-Year R&D Roadmap.

The 20-Year R&D RoadmapExternal Link is a long-term vision for advancing technologies, products and services for priority sectors including manufacturing. This will complement the $1 billion our manufacturers already spend on research and development each year.

Additionally, we are building world-class infrastructure to support the sector’s future success, including:

Advanced Manufacturing Research Facility (AMRF)

The Advanced Manufacturing Research FacilityExternal Link (AMRF) aims to foster a combined community of industry, research, and education. It will be the first of its kind in Australia, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by leading experts. The facility’s mission is to build an advanced manufacturing ecosystem by accelerating the adoption of enabling technologies. It focuses on helping businesses improve:

  • Precision: Achieving higher precision results with fewer in-process adjustments, ultimately enhancing the finished product.
  • Productivity: Increasing manufacturing productivity, which leads to better-paying jobs and contributes to a higher standard of living.
  • Reliability: Understanding and predicting process limitations in manufacturing processes to build a dependable reputation.
  • Connectivity: Leveraging real-time manufacturing data for competitive advantage and total process control.

Western Parkland City Authority (WPCA)

The Western Parkland City AuthorityExternal Link (WPCA) is the NSW Government agency responsible for delivering, coordinating, and attracting investment to the Western Parkland City. This region covers eight local government areas, including the Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith, and Wollondilly. The WPCA is actively involved in building a stronger future for Western Sydney by overseeing the development of the Bradfield City Centre and promoting investment in the area.

Viral Vector Manufacturing Facility

The Viral Vector Manufacturing FacilityExternal Link is an Australian-first viral vector manufacturing facility located in the Westmead precinct. It is set to revolutionise treatment options for patients with genetic diseases, cancers, and viral infections by enabling gene therapies to be trialed and delivered sooner.

It positions NSW and Australia as leaders in health research and innovation, fostering collaboration with industry partners. The NSW Government established Vector Westmead to operate this world-leading facility, emphasising its commitment to cutting-edge medical research and modern manufacturing. It is an Australian-first commercial-scale viral vector manufacturing hub.

The NSW Government is actively seeking partners to co-invest in this facility, leveraging the state’s expertise in cell and gene therapy. This collaborative approach aims to accelerate global therapeutic advancements in healthcare.

Industry Capability Network NSW (ICN)

ICN helps bring suppliers and project owners together by giving them access to the powerful Gateway database. Government and private project owners list their projects on Gateway while potential suppliers search for work using the database.

ICN also has an extensive network of industry consultants. They actively work with project owners and suppliers to build the right procurement partnerships.

You can register your company on ICN Gateway for free.

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Supporting your move to NSW

Investment NSW can connect you with a range of services and incentives available to businesses looking to grow.

Guidance: grants, rebates, programs and incentives

Investment NSW offers bespoke services to businesses looking to build a presence within NSW.

The team at Investment NSW provides tailored advice on grants, rebates, programs and other incentives your business may be eligible for.

Location: site identification, familiarisation and development

Whether you need a high-tech lab, an advanced manufacturing facility connected to a university or a greenfield site in regional NSW, we can assist.

We can work with you to establish a presence in a precinct or collaboration area suited to your needs.

We provide services to help you find the right accommodation:

  • determining the type of accommodation to best meet your businesses requirements
  • advice and support regarding opportunities available on Government land (both long and short term)
  • support navigating the planning process
Market insights

We can provide tailored information and data, including local market insights, on our focus areas.


We can introduce you to stakeholders who can support your growth objectives. This may include connecting you to:

  • corporate partners
  • business chambers
  • industry associations
  • technology precincts
  • research institutes
  • government agencies
Familiarisation visits

We offer curated introductions to help you identify local partners, distributors, industry stakeholders and service providers.

Asia-Pacific growth advice

Once you have established here, a wide range of services and programs are available to use NSW as a springboard into Asia. We can help you identify opportunities to expand in the region.

Visa and Skilled Migration support

Our Business & Skilled Migration Program actively supports the growth of New South Wales’s key industries, including tech, health, education, and advanced manufacturing. We attract a diverse range of skills and capabilities and nominate high-potential candidates to live and work in NSW.

These efforts fuel the expansion of businesses across the state, offering valuable opportunities for organisations looking to invest in NSW.

For more information about the Business & Skilled Migration Program, please visit our websiteExternal Link.


How we help

Investment NSW provides businesses with free:

  • market intelligence  
  • advice on NSW Government programs and approval processes 
  • connections with government and local business contacts 
  • support for business case development 
  • identification of investment locations and potential partners 
  • facilitation of familiarisation visits.  

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