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Why has Investment NSW been established?

Throughout COVID-19, NSW has done a fantastic job of keeping the economy strong, while also focusing on the health and safety of our citizens. As we continue to rebound from this pandemic there is now an even better opportunity for investors to expand into NSW.

Investment NSW is a concierge for private sector investment – both domestically and globally. We work with companies on the variety of incentives to set up or expand in NSW. We also help Australian businesses scale up and ‘go global’ for maximum jobs growth. And we showcase to the world all that NSW has to offer to business, visitor, students and global talent.

This clear and consistent approach to all trade and investment activities, and the marketing of Sydney and NSW on the world stage, will maximise economic benefit and jobs growth in NSW.

What existing and new government groups will be consolidated?

Investment NSW will consolidate the following groups into the Premier and Cabinet cluster in the NSW Government:

  • the Jobs, Investment and Tourism group from NSW Treasury (includes Jobs Plus, 24 Economy Commissioner and Start-Up hubs)
  • the Trade Group from NSW Treasury (including its Global network of offices)
  • Destination NSW
  • Office of the Chief Scientist from Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (to become ‘Research and Development NSW’)
  • the Waratah Research Network from Department of Education
  • the Commercial Branch and Economics Branch from Department of Premier and Cabinet.

What are Investment NSW’s main focus areas?

Our focus is to:

  • attract investment from local and global businesses to continue to drive economic recovery
  • boost jobs, skills and investment, as part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan
  • create a concierge for the private sector to attract Australian and global companies, overseas capital, talent, tourists and students
  • accelerate NSW’s position as a safe and attractive place to do business for both domestic and global companies
  • continue to build on the strong foundations of the NSW Economic Blueprint and Global NSW.

What is Investment NSW’s role within the NSW Government?

Investment NSW will act as a concierge for businesses and investors, helping them to navigate the many options available for partnering with NSW Government, including:

  • accessing payroll tax exemptions
  • co-funding opportunities
  • accelerated planning approvals
  • long term leases of Government-owned land
  • streamlined regulation
  • connections to rapidly growing global markets and assistance with growth and exports
  • translation and commercialisation of research
  • co-investment in skills development and training
  • supporting the development of places and precincts with high levels of connectivity, amenity and liveability as potential locations for business and talent
  • ensuring NSW is a standout destination for cultural tourism, major events and creative industries.

What are the benefits to NSW residents?

As part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan, Investment NSW will focus on jobs, skills and investment. This will increase the economic prosperity of our State, for the benefit of all. 

Applying lessons from COVID-19, we know that for our economic recovery to be effective we need to focus on job creation and growth. Investment NSW will help to deliver on these goals by centrally co-ordinating rapid responses and programs.